Moxtain - Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Our primary concern as a trekking group is to have a minimal environmental impact. We have introduced trekking, forest walks, mountain tours and we are not willing it to get ruined by anyone at any cost. We as a trekking group wish that our coming generations can experience the same adventures as we do. Hence to every possible extent, we will always prohibit any activity that harms the nature. Here are some suggestions for you and we want you to strictly follow the same when you are in mountains:

  • When between camps please carry your daily personal rubbish to the next camp.
  • Toilets are a long drop. Please use toilets wherever possible to avoid spoiling the campsites.
  • If no toilet is available during the walk, go "behind a bush" and dig a hole with your heel. Bury or burn the paper afterwards using the matches.
  • Avoid polluting streams at camps, especially with toilet waste and washing water.
  • Big temptation when very tired on the summit day to simply throw away rubbish or plastic water bottles. We strictly advise you not to do that.
  • Be respectful to the environment surrounding us and protect its natural- and cultural values.
  • Constantly develop our own environmental work and try to make an impact on others.