Moxtain - Trekking guidelines during covid

Moxtain - Trekking guidelines during covid

  • We will be monitoring your temperature, pulse, and oxygen saturation on regular basis.
  • Separate sleeping bags will be allotted to everyone even at the basecamp. They will be marked with respective numbers, not to be interchanged at any campsite.
  • Tents are already at every basecamp. they will be sanitized daily with alcoholic sanitiser.
  • We will be providing cutlery, no need to carry them, or clean them.
  • Do carry an ample amount of hand-sanitizer and wear masks when in a gathering.
  • We will be avoiding dining tents to maintain social distancing.
  • COVID test report isn't mandatory, though the medical certificate shared with you along with your booking invoice is required.
Reason for not making the COVID report mandatory.
  • The tests are not easily available in many cities.
  • The test reports are not the latest. After the test also, the person will come in contact with a number of people. So, we cannot completely rely on it.
  • If you are coming via Airport, do get your COVID report to avoid inconvenience. The airport authorities have a compulsory check at the exit if you do not have a negative report.
  • This test at the exit takes around an hour to give you the result and costs Rs.800/-. If a person is found positive, he has to go under Institutional quarantine.
Mule charges:

Rs.1,200/- per bag for the trek (Kedarkantha/Brahmatal), irrespective of the number of days. Bag max wt limit 10 kg.

Cab charges:

Rs.950/- per person per side. 7 seater cab. (Sumo/Bolero)

Rs.1,250/- per person per side. If willing to share the space with 5 seaters in a cab. (Sumo/Bolero)

Group Size

Max group size will be around 15 20 only as last year.

But the tent accommodation will be on twin sharing basis. These tents are meant for 4 people, for keeping enough space we will be allocating it on twin sharing.