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Camping at buran ghati trek


7 days


39 km

Difficulty Level

Moderate to Difficult


15000 ft

Best Time to Visit

April to June

Trek Overview

Buran Ghati is the mother treks of all the treks combined. If you want to taste the adventure of mountains, grasslands, forests, snow peaks and quaint villages? altogether, you should book your package for Buran Ghati right away. This is a tailor-made trek for the thrill-seekers to test their adrenaline rush and the shutterbugs who want to capture the tiniest bit of the splendid nature. The views of Buran Ghati trail is simply unmatched and will refresh you with multiple stunning landscapes, a long stretch of Pine and Oak, widespread green meadows, snow-clad peaks, glacial lake, small gushing stream, sharp edges at the high altitude, polaroid perfect villages and the contrasting Chandranahan lake. This glacial lake is the major highlight of this trek which is considered sacred by the locals in this area and remains frozen for the most part of the year.

Also famous as Barua Pass, this trek starts from Shimla. You can reach there via Delhi or Chandigarh through the local buses which keep running in every half an hour or you can take a train from Chandigarh to Kalka which is nearest station to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. The nearest airport is the Shimla airport from where you can drive ahead.

For those seeking an exciting adventure, the Buran Ghati also known as Burando Pass hike at a staggering height of 15,000 ft above sea level is the ideal option. Beginning in the traditional Himalayan town of Janglik, the path ascends steeply towards a pine and oak forest until it opens up onto the stunning Dayara Meadows.

You will witness the most exotic and glistening floral world along the trail. There are also many winter fruits that grow in abundance in this region, including pears, apples, peaches, apricots and more. You can simply pluck it fresh out of the plant and relish it along the way, it acts as a great trekking snack. The upward climb offers you the umpteenth beauty of Dhauladar range along with the pristine panoramic view of Kinner-Kailash peaks.
After you've reached the apex point crossing the enchanting views of nature and picturesque villages, there comes the best part of the trek- The Descent!

Woodlands and pastures line the path leading to Litham, making it a treat for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. The beautiful Dhauladhar Range opens out as you go to Litham. Its popularity among hikers and photographers is due to the unmatched beauty of the landscape. The walk has a lot to offer, including dense stands of Oak and Pine as well as a profusion of rare Himalayan plants.

There is a fascinating 400-meter ice wall descent followed by six long snow slides at an altitude of 15,000ft that will surely bring out the child in you. There are also some patches where you need to get a bit technical and use ropes to go down against gravity. The descent will give you the adventure dose for a whole lifetime and will take away all the exhaustion of the ascent at one go.

Buran Ghati has absolutely stunning trails which can be visited throughout the year but since the trail consists of a lot of muddy traces, it becomes hard to cross the sections in the rain as it becomes too slippery and muddy. Apart from the monsoon months, if you want to enjoy the chills and the pleasant sun rays together pick the month of May or mid-June. After the last week of June, you will witness heavy snowfall in this region which goes on till late October and the entire green meadows turn pure white. However, the snow does make the last patch of climb difficult and hard to cover.

Besides the pristine Chandranahan Lake, which is nearly perpetually frozen, several other streams shimmer in the verdant meadows. Villages that appear unaffected by civilization and provide a glimpse of mountain life will be passed by as you go. The same hike will take you past apple, peach, pear, and apricot orchards close to the Barua town and provide you with incredible views of the Buran Pass.

One of the main draws of this walk is the Chandranahan Lake, which is further enhanced by the stunning alpine scenery that surrounds it. This lake is revered by the people, who believe it to be a gift from the gods. Buran Ghati is a superb Himalayan hiking excursion because of the rolling hills, lush forests, and mountainous traditions.

The last bit of urban civilization that you will get along with the varied medical and ATM services is going to be Rohru. The next stop Janglik has very basic medical facilities available but does not have any technical shops around. In Janglik region, you get the traces of mobile networks for BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, and Idea some time. As you move ahead in the trek, most of the signals get weak but at some spots in Lithum camp, you will get the availability of Airtel. After this point, the next section where you will receive any kind of network will be Barua the ending segment of the trek.

On the basis of the total distance covered during the trek, trail time of each segment, water source availability, maximum altitude, road connectivity, technical pieces of equipment and gears used, this trek is ranked as a moderate to difficult trek. It is recommended that people who have previously done multiple days Himalayan trek only should choose this trek as it requires some amount of familiarity and physical endurance to do it.

About Buran Ghati

If you are someone who seeks adventure in their journey or trip if you love blood pumping, heart racing activities you will definitely adore Buran Ghati, it is a hidden jewel of Himalaya, very few people know about this trek because it is situated at height of 15,000ft and it is little difficult for the beginners, this trek involves more than just walking and climbing as, it is full of adventurous activities like sliding and rappling down on the snow.

Buran Ghati offers an overall mountain range experience, from dense forest to numerous water streams and grasslands. There will be no such part in this trek which will disappoint you.

Buran Ghati trek is located at an altitude of 15,000 ft. It is situated in the Pabbar Valley in the region of Himachal Pradesh. The trek is full of wonderful and refreshing landscapes. This trek will take you through the lush green Dayara meadows where you will find beautiful wildflowers and picturesque of snow-capped mountains, there will be thick and dense pine and oak forests. You will come across many beautiful and glistening brooks and streams which will amaze you. Chandranahan lake is another attraction of this trek, this glacial lake remains frozen from most part of the year. Buran pass also offers 360-degree views, from the top of the pass you can see the panoramic view of Kinner Kailash peaks. you will find many fruit trees near Barua village such as apple, apricot, pear, and peaches This amazing trek starts from Janglik village which is approx. 150km. from Shimla and ends in Barua village, it takes about 7 to 8 days to complete this trek.

Trek Details

  • Pickup Point on Day 1- Shimla old Bus Station
  • Departure time from Shimla old bus Station on Day 1- 7a.m.
  • One-way cab from Shimla to Janglik at standard traveling charges INR 1,200/- per person
  • One-way cab from Barua Village to Shimla at standard traveling charges INR 1,200/- per person
  • The vehicle model will be informed a day prior to your trek date.
  • The vehicle model depends on availability and the group size.
  • Trek Starts from Janglik on Day 2
  • Distance from Shimla to Basecamp, Janglik- 160 km takes around 8-10 hours.
  • Treks ends at Shimla on Day 7 at around 11p.m.- 12 a.m.
  • Departure to Shimla on same day at around 3 p.m., 220 km takes around 8-10 hours.
  • Arrival time on Day 7 at Old/new Bus station Shimla- 11 p.m.
  • Drop Point on Day 7- Old/new Bus station Shimla
  • Buses are available for Chandigarh and Delhi from New Shimla Bus Stand.
  • If you are planning for a stay in Shimla, Old Shimla bus station will be a good option.
  • Distance between Old to New Bus stand is 4.5 km, takes around 15 minutes.
  • Cloak room: There is cloak room available in Shimla.

Highlights of the trek

  • Meadows of Dayara Bugyal:
  • Walking through thick, dense green forest throughout the day you will have no idea what to expect next and suddenly the vast green meadow will welcome you with its magnificent scenery decorated with snow-capped mountains and beautiful wildflowers.

  • Chandernahan lake:
  • This lake is considered sacred by many locals, there is mythical story related to this lake, the local people believe that the moon of lord shiva dip in this lake that’s why the name of this lake is Chandernahan lake, this lake is also the source of Pabbar river.

  • Rappelling on snow wall:
  • This is the most exciting and thrilling part of the trek and most challenging. This part will surely give you the adrenal rush, there will be 400m steep snow wall which you have to rappel.

  • Barua village:
  • This village is located in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, here you will see the Buddhist flag outside the wooden houses of Barua village. Here you will find the cultivated lands and many fruit trees.

Best time to visit Buran Ghati trek

During the monsoon season, the trek becomes difficult and risky the trail can be slippery the roads are not in good condition during this season due to heavy rain and at such altitude, you shouldn’t take any risks, so the best and the safest month to undertake this trek is during April, May to mid-June, September, and October.

April to June– During the month of April and May the weather is pleasant in Pabbar valley, you can witness the best scenic beauty of Kinnaur –Garhwal Himalayan ranges, the weather remains stable during these months. The sky is clear with low clouds, the views of the mountain range, valley, hills are clear and bright everything looks colorful, the famous wildflower rhododendron blossoms during this season. In the month of June, you will find a good amount of snow on the trail.

September to October– In September the snow melts which makes climbing easy and also the sky is clear there is no cloud even during the nights that’s why this month is famous for astrophotography. The chances of rainfall are very less. At night the temperature reaches 0 degrees Celsius so better carry warm clothes.

Difficulty level of Buran Ghati trek

The Buran Ghati trek is a somewhat challenging hike, it is rated as a moderately difficult trek. With an average daily hiking duration of 5 to 6 hours, you have to ascend 5,800 feet over the course of eight days. The trek's first two days are comparatively simpler. Both physical condition and mental fortitude are essential for the Buran Ghati hike. If you are physically fit, the journey is marvellous and you can experience the whole panorama of the rugged mountains and the magnificent scenery variations to the fullest. Along with cardio, put an emphasis on mobility and muscle toning. Plan to jog 10 km in 60–70 minutes to adequately prepare for the challenging pass crossing day. Prior to starting the journey, use this as your fitness baseline.

In addition to stamina, emphasis is on muscle conditioning and suppleness since Buran Ghati is a moderately challenging hike.

The difficulty level of the Buran Ghati trek is Moderate to Difficult. This trek is easy for experienced trekkers but for beginners, it is quite difficult as it involves more than just mere walking. The trail consists of steeps and descent which is not easy and there is the use of a rope that can get technical at times. People who workout daily or have done trekking even once can trek Buran Ghati.

How to reach Buran Ghati

  • By Air - The two of North India's busiest airports are Chandigarh International Airport and Delhi Airport. All major flights have connections from various Indian states as well as abroad. You can board your desired flight here and reach the destination, Shimla. From the airports you need to take a bus to Shimla. From Chandigarh, Shimla is approximately 4 hours away by bus. After reaching Shimla, you can take a cab to Jhanglik, the base camp for this trek. It is a 6 hour long ride. We also provides cab services to Shimla on a chargeable basis. Another major nearby airport is Jubbarhatti airport which is 22km away from Shimla this airport is well connected to various cities.
  • By Rail – About 8 kilometres separate the Chandigarh train station from the city's core. Regular trains run between the railroad station and many Indian cities. Connectivity to New Delhi is maintained by the trains namely, Jan Shatabdi, Shatabdi, and Himalayan Queen. Other significant trains operating on the line linking Chandigarh with other cities are the Paschim Express, Chennai Express, Sadbhavna Express, and Kerala Sampark Kranti. You can take any of these trains to reach Kalka, the nearest rail station to Shimla from where you can board a scenic toy train ride to Shimla. Reaching Shimla, you can just take a 6 hour long cab ride to the base camp of the trek. You can take the train from New Delhi to Kalka it will take approximately 4hours. After reaching Kalka you can hire a cab to Shimla it will take about 1 hour to reach there.
  • By Road - There are several bus services that run from Delhi to Shimla every day, you can take a luxury air-conditioned bus from ISBT to Shimla. The journey is of about 11 hours. From Chandigarh, it takes roughly 4 hours to go to Shimla. The RSRTC operates daily, regular bus service between Chandigarh and Shimla. Reaching Shimla, you just have to take a car ride to the base camp of this trek, Jhanglik.


When travelling with a reputable trekking crew, which you should know before making your own reservations, the Buran Ghati Pass Trip is indeed a safe trek. It is crucial that you understand whether the trekking group you are travelling with is legitimate. We provide you with the best services and the most competent trekking guides making your journey exceptionally fantastic and unforgettable.

The tricky terrains of Buran Ghati requires you to be cautious and careful to keep yourself away from perilous accidents. In this trek, snow rappelling is a necessary activity so prior experience with mental preparations are a must.

Buran Ghati Pass trekkers must be at least 14 years old and not older than 55. Your level of fitness determines the remaining factors.

ATM Services And Mobile Connectivity

It would be better if you withdraw money at Shimla, after that there are only 2 ATM points – Rohru and Chirgaon.

Mobile connectivity: The network will be available till diude, there is no network ahead.

Frequently asked questions

How to reach basecamp from Delhi and Chandigarh?

To reach the basecamp, Jhanglik, you need to reach Shimla from Delhi or Chandigarh via trains, buses or flights available. Upon reaching Shimla, you will get cabs directly to Jhanglik.

How to reach Jhanglik on your own?

You can follow the same process as mentioned above. You can also come to Tangnu from Shimla from where you can walk your way to Jhanglik. From Shimla, we also provide a cab services to reach the basecamp. Buses are less available so cabs and jeeps are the best choices.

What is the fitness level required and how to get fit for Buran Ghati trek?

Stamina and physical endurance are one of the most essential requirements for hiking Buran Ghati trek. Run, bike, and engage in cross-training are a few strategies to increase your stamina. Even Aerobics and Zumba are beneficial if you practise them three times a week. Furthermore, you can jog on a treadmill or within a park.


What's Included


  • High-quality trekking gears (Tents, Sleeping Bags, Gaiters, Crampons).
  • Experienced Staff (Guides, Cooking Staff, Helpers, Porters).
  • Delicious, Hygienic & Nutritious Meals on scheduled time (Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks & Dinner).
  • Warm water for drinking only in the morning and evening. Trekkers can fill up their thermos-flask and bottles accordingly.
  • All forest permits and camping charges.
  • Exclusions

  • Food items purchased by individuals at local canteens on the trek or during the drive.
  • Any early return travel costs or accommodation except for the days as per the itinerary.
  • Any expenses for medical treatment of injury or accident before, during or after the trek.
  • Hearter, geyser, firewood/bonfire are not included or covered in the package.
  • Hot water for bathing/washing or any other purpose except drinking*
  • All the cutlery (mugs, spoons, plate,lunch box etc)
  • To and Fro traveling charges.
  • *Hot water for bathing/washing on a chargeable basis, but that too only if resources are available

    Health and Safety

    • For any Himalayan Trek, Ideal BMI for a trekker should be 18.5 to 24.9
    • To keep a check of this please calculate BMI here
    • Below given Safety checks should be done to get prepared for any Himalayan Trek.
      • Balance : As well said a balanced mind and body gives out best in every condition and that too works in Himalayan treks as well.
      • Legs Strength : Body and Legs Strength is required to carry body weight as well as the backpack while trekking in uneven multi terrains. Generally, a good strength on legs works out good in any Trek. One can gain legs strength by doing simple Squats.
      • Muscle Flexibility : While trekking in Trans Himalayan region with a flexible body one can easily achieve full range of movement and this can be really helpful for trekkers as well as trek leads. A good flexible will be an advantage while walking on trails, climbing and river crossing etc. Flexibility can be achieved by simple stretching, yoga etc.
      • Cardiovascular Endurance : Cardiovascular endurance is defined as the ability of lungs and heart to transmit oxygen to the body muscles. All Himalayan treks are basically ascending descending the slopes and for this trekkers should be having a good cardiovascular endurance. Anyone planning for a Himalayan trek can attain this capacity by doing any cardio exercise like running, swimming, cycling etc.


    In case you wish to cancel your trek please email us at cancel@moxtain.com

    Cancellation charges are based on the total trek fee, irrespective of the amount paid either full or partial.

    The cancellation policy is based on the original booking time and original start date of the trek.

  • Cancel before 30 days of trek start date and get full refund after deduction of 2.5% payment processing fee.
  • Cancel before 15 days of trek start date and get refund after deduction of 20% of total trek fee.
  • Cancel before 10 days of trek start date and get refund after deduction of 40% of total trek fee.
  • Cancel before 5 days of trek start date and get refund after deduction of 60% of total trek fee.
  • Trek fee is non-refundable if you cancel within 4 days before trek start date.
  • Trek cancellation due to weather:

  • In case of an incomplete trek due to weather conditions, one can opt for the same trek again throughout their lifetime on all our fixed departure for the same trek.
  • This attempt only covers the trek fee and will not include any rentals or the transportation amount paid earlier.
  • This is non-transferable.
  • Buran Ghati Trek

    7 Days / 6 Nights

    ₹ 14499 /-

    GST Applicable
    Pickup and Drop available from Shimla (Optional)
    Trek starts from Shimla
    Travelling Charges Applicable
    See Available Dates

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