Covid-19: FAQs regarding Trekking in Himalayas

Covid-19: FAQs regarding Trekking in Himalayas

Written by Komal on 30-Mar-2020

With the declaration of COVID-19 as a Global Pandemic by the World Health Organization, we have decided to call off the treks from 20 March 2020 to 15 April 2020.

It is hard to restrict the adventurer inside one's heart, but to avoid the casualties happening, we decided to call off all the treks till mid-April. With the alarming increase in the cases of the Covid-19, we feel that traveling should be left out of the bucket list for a few weeks to avoid coming into the contact of unknown people or sources.

In line with the recent development, we had to take the step by suspending all the batches from 20 March 2020 to 15 April 2020 as a precautionary step into the safety of our trekkers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We know there are lots of unanswered questions running into your mind regarding the trek, which we would love to hear and answer you. We have tried to answer some common queries we are facing from our trekkers.

1. I have booked a trek. What are the options?

There are two options in place for you:-

Option 1- Reschedule your suspended trek

You can easily opt-out for postponing your trek until May or June with no additional charges. I would also suggest you do the same, over time we would also get a clear view of the COVID-19 situation.

Knowing that you won't lose out on your money spent over your travel tickets, this would be your best option. Most of our trekkers have been doing the same over the past week, as it assures them that they can trek later in the year when the situation turns on positive for them.

With the present scenario, we would like to give you a choice of shifting to another trek, not just the one you're registered for.

Option 2 - Opt for a Trek Voucher

Many of our trekkers who have made their full payment or partial payment can also avail the option of trek voucher (between 20 March and April 16th), which have the following features:

You can avail vouchers for an extended period of 2 years/21 months from your date of cancellation, which allows you to use them for treks until December 2021.

Usually, the vouchers provided are non-transferable but under the special circumstances caused due to the breakdown of the COVID-19, we have made these vouchers transferable. Which gives you a chance to transfer the voucher to your friend or family member if you cannot trek due to some avoided circumstances or reasons.

2. How to postpone my trek?

You can simply drop us an email mentioning your trek date and trek name along with your future trek date, we will shift your dates manually only on available dates/slots of the trek of your choice.

3. Can/Will I get a refund for trek cancellation?

No, Moxtain will not be refunding any trek fee for the suspended treks due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We shall be working according to our cancellation policy, making the things as simple and approachable for our trekkers. For the suspended treks we have already provided the options to the trekkers to choose.

4. What precautions Moxtain is following the security of trekkers?

  • A: We advise trekkers with Travel History from anywhere outside India after January’20, must not join us for our trek.
  • B: Trekkers with symptoms of cough and cold at the base camp will not be allowed to continue the trek further. We also advise if you have already had these symptoms, please postpone your trek and do take proper care. You can join us for future treks. We will not be charging you any fees for rescheduling your treks till next year.

5. How will I know if my trek is suspended/Postponed?

You get an email from our Coordinator informing you about your trek. We have also conveyed the same on our various social media platforms. Kindly note that all the treks before or on 15 April are suspended.

6. I have a trek coming up in April, May, June. What should I do?

Looking into the situation due to the outbreak of the virus, we suggest you postpone your treks till June or later without any additional charges. Many airlines are also not charging any cancellation charges for rescheduling the flights. Considering the situation this the best option available out there without making you lose your money, many of our trekkers are opting out for this. You would have received an email related to your trek postponing for April month, please reply to those emails without any delay to save any hassle.

7. From when is it advisable to plan for trekking?

With the high COVID-19 disquiet to trek in summer, we will advise you to avoid trekking till mid-April. We shall be updating you with further development if any happens to take place in the future.

8. How to get in touch with you?

You can either mail us on or get in touch with us on 8800-576-900.

9. How can I cancel my trek?

You can mail us on stating your reason for cancellation along with your trek date and name. We will be reverting you according to our cancellation policy.

Click here to check our cancellation policy

10. What if I am unable to use my trek voucher within the validity?

Though we suggest you use your trek voucher within the validity under the special case of COVID-19, you can transfer these vouchers to your friend or any family member if you can't use it. These are the special vouchers that are made transferable if you are unable to use it for yourself.

Written by Komal on 30-Mar-2020