Himalayan Tour, an upgrade to health

Himalayan Tour, an upgrade to health

Written by Arpita on 23-Sep-2017

“Take a quite walk into nature, it will heal your mind, body and soul.” – Anthony Douglas Williams

Frenetically paced city lives have thrown our physical and mental systems topsy-turvy over the years. Mad rush to reach office and back, high-pressure work environment, improper eating & sleeping habits and unbreathable air is constantly sucking the energy and enthusiasm out and is leaving us stressed and unhealthy. And worse, most of us have accepted this drastic, draconian change in our lifestyles.

is a tribe in the Himalayas bordering Pakistan called Hunzas considered to be some of the happiest people on earth. For the people of the civilization living up to 100 years is considered normal. Some even claim to cross the age of 140 years quite comfortably. More importantly, they live a healthy, disease-free, stress-free life and are quite youthful in terms of their enthusiasm all through their life. Quite astonishing it is for many people down south where life expectancy averages at 70 and that too ridden with diseases and stress, leave alone living a life of joy and enthusiasm. If true, what could be their secret?

Hunza people credit this astonishing feat to living absolutely naturally. As the adage goes “you are what you eat”, these people consume natural food mainly comprising of grains, vegetables, fruits and apricot seeds, etc. unlike us who have evolved to rely on processed food and fast food. Not only this they eat only twice a day and fast once a week. Moreover, daily physical exercise is carried out working in the fields amidst fresh mountain air. Taking a walk of 15 to 20 kilometres is a regular business for these people. In addition, practicing basic yoga breathing techniques and fine art of relaxation allows them to tune them into a rhythm, conserve energy and stay relaxed under any circumstances. Hunzas are said to have attained mastery over their thoughts as they easily keep doubtfulness and apprehension at bay. Well, sounds superhuman isn’t it?

Can the Hunza people story make us introspect and inspire to bring changes within us to regain long lost vitality in our lives? If yes, then welcome to start with a walk in the Himalayas!

Himalayan kingdom leaves everybody wonderstruck with nature’s beauty. Amazing landscapes, clear oxygen rich air, mineral rich water, lush fruits, vegetables and carpets of flowers makes the region pleasing to senses. Mountain peaks glistening with sunlight, dance of the clouds, gushing sound of streams, aromatic valleys, the region is blessed with nature’s bounty. Home to flora and fauna of a wide range, the region is found to be full of herbs with unmatched medicinal properties. Not only can these herbs treat men of their ailments, some are believed to hold capability to lengthen the lifespan of humans.

The region is the source of immense peace, stillness and enlightenment for numerous sages, yogis and spiritual gurus. This is the beauty of this sacred space. The calming, atmospheric surroundings of the Himalayas empty the mind and allowing you to experience something of beyond mind.

Owing to a healthy, although often physically challenging lifestyle, people living in Himalayas are least likely to suffer from asthma, TB, arthritis, leprosy, dermatosis, etc. The people here generally tend to have better health than people living outside this region.

Trekking in Himalayas offers people a chance to reconnect to their natural roots. Covering large distances on foot leads heart to work faster thereby increasing the blood flow in our body. Such activities when performed regularly strengthens our cardiovascular system and keeps heart healthy and agile. The clean air in Himalayas revitalizes the mind and body.

The pleasantries experienced by senses in breath-taking environment helps reduces stress in life which is a scientifically proven fact. The endorphins released in the process tend to make us feel happy. Taking in fresh air not only improves our mental health but also increases the efficiency and retaining power of our brain leading to a better focus. Muscle agility is brought about by rigorous up and down movement on the slopes which is as good, if not better, as the exercises one would undergo in a gym.

Far away from any kind of pollution, whether it is honking of cars creating noise pollution or emission of chemicals from factories causing air pollution, lies the Himalayas. Standing high full of pride waiting for you to lie on its lap and enjoy the calmness of nature! It’s well said, nature never lets one return bare handed from its doors, the Himalayas, are foremost laboratory to prove the case.

Enough of mobile app upgrades, come spend time in the Himalayas for an upgrade of your health.

Written by Arpita on 23-Sep-2017