How to keep up the spirit of mountains alive during COVID-19 lockdown

How to keep up the spirit of mountains alive during COVID-19 lockdown

Written by Simran on 26-Mar-2020

The situation that the world is currently facing today, an outbreak of Corona Virus that was never expected or dreamt by anyone of us, yet we are in this drastic situation and to fight this we have to understand how lockdown is necessary for each individual. The only rule to follow is to stay home and be aware and responsible for the situation that we all are in. The social media, the news channels, the internet is flooded with the do and don’ts about this pandemic and the importance of self-isolation which is the need of the hour.

So here are some do’s that you can totally indulge to keep your spirits of trekking alive and keep that fire burning inside you that will again drag you to the serene mountains that you know you are in love with.

The following things can be done:

Bring out that reader inside you:

a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies... the man who never reads lives only one


I know, for most of you reading is like, really! Are you expecting me to sit in a place for hours and read a book, you must be joking? But no, I am not joking because according to a research reading reduces stress, boosts brain functioning and even improves empathy and personally, I believe if you start reading with something that is the field of your interest, you may find yourself glued to the book for a change. These are certain books that you can look for or even find them available in the reading apps:

  • Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer
  • Lost in the Himalayas by James Scott
  • Nanda Devi by Hugh Thompson

The three books mentioned above are not the only ones but there is a long list that you can choose from, so dig in, do some research and read what attracts you the most.

For the artist, the writing enthusiasts, and photographers:

This can be the best time to enhance your writing skills and show the world the photographer that you are, with your breathtaking clicks that you must have clicked during your previous trekking expeditions and share them with us. Your stories and your experience will be featured on our social media pages and our website. Perhaps this time there will be no excuses for your mundane routine and you will sit down with the memories and put them to words for the world to experience them with you.

For Movie/TV Shows Buff:

dog and trekker standing at summit


For all the television lovers this is your time, binge-watching with your favourite snack with you, will make you forget almost anything (and by this I mean, the phrase you must be using a million times a day that “you are getting bored” and “what to do”) and if this binge-watch includes something with your passion for trekking and mountains, what better can we ask for, right? So here are some great movies/documentaries that will make you want to trek even more and more.

  • Blindsight
  • The Climb
  • Himalaya with Michael Palin
  • Everest
  • The Wildest Dream

Work on your fitness level:

Yes, it’s pretty obvious that for trekking you have to have the physical stamina and in this scenario of lockdown where you can’t go to the gym, being fit seems like a challenge but it is not impossible and if you are ready to challenge yourself because you don’t want to compromise with your fitness goals, try working out at home. I know, I know, most of you must be saying workout without machines, without weights, you must be kidding me. But there are always more reasons to not do something that just go for it. So the choice is yours, fit or not fit. Try following your favourite celebs who too are in lockdown but they are creating fitness goals. So get inspired!

Take care of your mental health:

man standing at rock doing yoga


The isolation, quarantine, lockdown is definitely a challenging phase for the whole world and to face it and realise the situation that we are in, we have to be strong, not just by ourselves but also being mentally supportive to our families. What is more important at this time? It is lockdown. Which is important why? Because if everyone will follow social distancing, we will break the chain. So think positive, try to meditate and try to see the bigger picture, the brighter side of it.

Learn something new:

You are always envious of a friend who has all the time in the universe, does not have a 9-5 job like you but still has a living, doing god knows what, who can sing, dance, play, etc, etc, who seem to have aced in everything. One the other hand, you don’t have time for yourself, for your passion. So this is your time, stop complaining and bring out that passion and learn what you always wanted to learn. The Internet teaches you everything, try using it wisely.

So these are some things that you indulge in during this time of lockdown and keep the spirits, the passion for mountains alive in you and prepare yourself for a better tomorrow with a wiser, fitter and the better you.

Written by Simran on 26-Mar-2020