Treks in Spiti and Lahaul: Best Getaway Treks

Treks in Spiti and Lahaul: Best Getaway Treks

Written by Shanu on 08-Oct-2021
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The enigmatic Lahaul and Spiti beckon the adventure souls not only from India but from all over the world. And why not? The virgin landscape and opulent topography of the valleys make Lahaul and Spiti the most sought-after destination for trekkers.

Lahaul and Spiti are not just a trekking paradise; the drop-dead gorgeous scenery also makes this region a tourist hotspot. The place is a visual stunner with dramatic changes in the backdrop and cultural set-ups within every few kilometers of its topography.

Hampta pass trekking

Lahaul and Spiti are peppered with illustrious monasteries that bring the alluring Tibetan heritage to life. The influence of Tibetan culture is quite palpable and tourists also love exploring this facet of the dynamic land.

However, in this blog, we focus on the famous treks of the region that unravel the mystic aura of Lahaul and Spiti. These unforgettable treks snake through winding trails and luminescent moonscapes that expose trekkers to the jaw-dropping panorama of the region.

Lahaul and Spiti as a trekking destination

A trek in Lahaul and Spiti is a must on the wish list of trekking enthusiasts who love exploring challenging trails, high mountain passes, surreal campsites, and glacial water bodies.

The most gorgeous treks of the region are crossover treks that highlight distinct Himalayan cultures and divergent landscapes of different regions. The fairytale villages perched on mountain tops and exotic flora and fauna along the journey offer interesting facets to the treks in Lahaul and Spiti.

Through the following blog, we will discover what highlights each trekking route has to offer. We have arranged the famous treks in Lahaul Spiti in the ascending order of grade levels for your convenience.

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Best treks in Lahaul Spiti region

Hampta Pass Chandratal Lake Trek

  • Region: Himachal Pradesh
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Distance: 28 km
  • Maximum Altitude: 14,010 feet
  • Trek Grade: Easy to moderate
  • Best Time: Mid June to mid October
  • Focal points of the trek route: Hampta village, Hampta Pass, and crescent-shaped Chandratal lake.
Hampta pass trekking

The Hampta Pass Chandratal Trek is a fascinating crossover expedition that connects Chandra valley and Kullu valley. The route is exciting for its continuous interplay of various alpine trees like birch, oak, and maple. The journey also enthralls trekkers with dramatic pass crossings, river crossings, and strikingly contrasting landscapes of the Chandra and Kullu valleys.

Admiring the grandeur of the ever stunning Chandratal Lake at 14,100 feet is the most unforgettable moment of this trek. The sparkling water body glistens in turquoise blue in the daytime and reflects the hues of deep emerald during dusk. The nightfall transforms the lake into a shimmering silver-black beauty.

The trek days are not very long on the Hampta Pass Chandratal Trek. Therefore, it is the ideal Himalayan rhapsody for amateurs who want to gain experience before embarking on a more adventurous mountain rendezvous.The region sparkles with abundance of natural beauty from mid June to mid October when the weather is salubrious and skies are crystal-clear.The sheer splendor of the place during this time is a memory of lifetime for trekkers.

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Miyar Valley Trek

  • Region:Himachal Pradesh
  • Duration:8 days
  • Distance: 57.5 km
  • Maximum Altitude:14,600 feet
  • Trek Grade:Moderate
  • Best Time: May to June, and September to October
  • Focal points of the trek route: Mrikula Devi temple, Miyar Valley (Valley of Flowers), numerous Himalayan orchards, glacial lakes, and Miyar glacier

The Miyar Valley trekking trail starts from the hamlet of Shukto in the spectacular Miyar Valley. Most of the trek is fairly easyand routes along with the most idyllic Himalayan landscapes. However, the trail becomes a bit tricky as you get closer to the pass. Miyar Valley trek is good for beginners who are physically fit.

The stunning highlight of the Miyar Valley expedition is the Miyar Valley itself. The region is home to exotic fauna like Himalayan brown bear, snow leopard, and rare migratory birds, flower beds, and medicinal herbs and plants. The valley also boasts ruby and sapphire encrusted rocks and many crystal-green alpine lakes. One can witness the sheer beauty of the region fromMay to June, and September to October.The rolling meadows and bright carpets of rare flowers are simply stunning during these months.

Ghepan Lake Trek

  • Region: Himachal Pradesh
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Distance: 18 km
  • Maximum Altitude:14,130 feet
  • Trek Grade: Moderate
  • Best Time: May to October
  • Focal points of the trek route: Sissu village, the unchanging blue hue of Ghepan Lake, Hanging glaciers, and Labrang Gompa Monastery.

This trek of moderate grade level challenges trekkers with cumbersome river crossings and rugged yet stunning trails. All through the route, the holy Ghepan peak is your constant companion.

The best part of the trek is the neon-blue Ghepan Lake that reflects a brilliant turquoise color at any time during the day. Another highlight of the route is the 3 hanging glaciers that one witnesses near the Ghepan lake. A cascading waterfall from the hanging glacier is also a sight to behold.

The panorama of the region is at its prime from May to October; the striking views of the snow-laden peaks encompassed by a carpet of mountain wildflowers are simply bewitching.

Mount Kanamo Trek

  • Region: Himachal Pradesh
  • Duration: 9 days
  • Distance: 27 km
  • Maximum Altitude: 19,553 feet
  • Trek Grade: Difficult
  • Best Time: May to September
  • Focal points of the trek route: Key monastery, high altitude mud settlements, Kasa and Kibber mountain passes.

Mount Kamano is one of the highest non-technical mountains to climb. A reasonably fit trekker with prior experience can embark on this trek with proper preparation.

Mount Kamano trek traverses through scree and boulder moraine from base camp to the peak of Mount Kanamo. This challenging trek to the summit of kanamo peak is a test of your physical as well as mental endurance. But, the scintillating view of 35 mammoth peaks from the summit is the surprise package of this arduous journey that leaves you spellbound. Mount Kanamo peak trek is lesser-known and a comparatively easier version of the more popular Stok Kangri trek. If you are an adventure seeker looking for a quieter and equally challenging alternative to Stok Kangri, then this one is your ideal bet. And the eureka moment, the throbbing adrenaline rush that trekkers experience by traversing on this journey as it is 67% of the height of Mount Everest.

Mount Kamano Trek is best done from May to September. These months offer charming scenic views and ideal temperatures for trekkers.

Pin Bhabha Pass Trek

  • Region: Himachal Pradesh
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Distance:112 km
  • Maximum Altitude:16,100 feet
  • Trek Grade:Difficult
  • Best Time:June to September
  • Focal points of the trek route: Mountain passes like Kaza Pass and Rohtang Pass, Crossover culture of 2 Himalayan districts, rugged and barren mountains of Pin valley, shimmering blue Bhabha river, and Pin Bhabha Pass.
Pin bhaba pass trek

The trek mesmerizes you with the contrasting grandeur- On one hand, is the lush and vibrant Bhabha Valley while on the other hand is the arid vista of Pin Valley. The stark change of landscape intrigues your senses and leaves you overwhelmed.

Witnessing the 360° panorama of natural splendor from the summit of Pin Bhabha is the eureka moment of this trek.

But again, the rapidly changing altitude, diverse landscapes, and the long tiring journey is not the cup of tea for everyone. One should be an experienced trekker to be able to embark on the Pin Bhabha Pass Trek.

The months from June to September offer the most favorable views and weather for Pin Bhabha Trek. The beauty of the region is at its pinnacle with limitless expanses of greenery dotted with unique mountain flowers.

Pin Parvati Trek

  • Region: Himachal Pradesh
  • Duration: 11 days
  • Distance:112 km
  • Maximum Altitude:16,100 feet
  • Trek Grade:Difficult
  • Best Time:June to September
  • Focal points of the trek route: Kanawar Wild Life Sanctuary, Hot water Springs of Parvati Kund at Kheerganga, beautiful rock carvingsen-route, and mountain glaciers.
Pin Parvati pass trek

This trans-Himalayan expedition is only for seasoned trekkers. The journey of the Pin Valley trek is strenuous, long, and traverses through changing landscapes. Again, the rapid change in Himalayan scenery leaves you awestruck. On one hand, you witness the lush biodiversity of Parvati Valley. In the next few minutes, you get glimpses of the cold arid mountains of Pin Valley.

The star attraction of Pin Valley trek is the 5-star hot bath experience that one rarely gets on any Himalayan expedition. This sauna experience in hot water springs of Parvati Kund is an ultimate bliss that washes away the fatigue of the treacherous trek.

Already game for embarking on this heavenly route? The months from June to September are ideal for Pin Parvati Trek. This time of the year flatters you with the most invigorating climate. The views are spectacular; azure blue skies against the background of alpine forests, undulating grasslands, and wintry desert of Spiti valley will remain etched in your memories eternally.


There is no doubt that trekking in Spiti Valley necessitates the next level of physical fitness and endurance. But, as you journey amidst nature's bounty, the thrill and perseverance are worth every sweat.

So, think no more- an otherworldly adventure awaits you! Just pack your bags to set foot on the thrilling Spiti Valley treks. Savor the magnificence of the surreal Lahaul and Spiti and create memories for a lifetime!

Written by Shanu on 08-Oct-2021
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