11 Best Monsoon treks in Maharashtra

11 Best Monsoon treks in Maharashtra

Written by Shanu on 23-Oct-2021
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Do you want to experience the rhythm of the rain while traversing a canvas painted in shades of green? Whoa, the description sounds surreal! Well, we are talking about monsoon treks in Maharashtra that present a bewitching experience to those consumed by wanderlust.

The trekking places in Maharashtra brim with shimmering greenery during monsoon months and make for an ideal escapade to beat the blues. Let’s take a quick overview on what makes monsoon such an enticing trekking season in Maharashtra.

The state of Maharashtra

The coastal state of Maharashtra is famous for its idyllic caves, lush hill stations, and pretty hamlets. Its proximity to the coastline saves it from harsh winters or sweltering summers.

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However, Maharashtra during peak summer months is sticky and hot. If you want to experience the beauty of this state at its pinnacle then monsoon and winter are your best bet.

Monsoon in Maharashtra is the ideal time to relish the trekking magnets of the heavenly state.This season bestows a unique charm on the region; the glossy green landscape presents an entirely new world to trekkers.

The clouds are mostly clear for great views. Sometimes the views are obscured by mist but the panorama of cascading waterfalls and small streams is like a painted canvas set against the misty backdrop. The water bodies shimmer with crystal-clear waters and the trails are lined by pretty blossoms in rainbow colors.

As one treks in this dreamy paradise, the offbeat attractions and naturalistic beauty offer unforgettable views to trekkers. The temperature ranges from 20 degrees C to 25 degrees C during the monsoon season, thus making the journey pleasant and comfortable.

In the coming sections, we have compiled monsoon treks in Maharashtra that make for the best trekking places in Mumbai and its vicinity.The best part is that these expeditions are just one-day trek near Mumbai and Pune. One can embark on these relaxing weekend getaways and come back rejuvenated and fresh.

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Lohagad fort trek

  • Location- Lonavala
  • Altitude- 3, 389 feet
  • Difficulty level- Easy
  • Duration- 5 hours
  • Best time- Mid June to September
  • Attractions- Lohagad fort, Narayani Dham temple, Bhaja caves, and Wax Museum.
  • Trek trail- Easy and well defined trekking trail with steps and boulders all along till you reach the fort.

Lohagad fort trek is one of the easy treks near Mumbai. It also offers an exciting destination for adventurers looking for trekking in Pune. Lohagad fort lies on a beautiful hill at an imposing elevation of 3, 389 feet. The impressive fort was used by the great warrior Shivaji to keep his treasures safe. While on this Lonavala trekking getaway, one can explore the ancient architecture of the Shivaji era set amidst scenic views.

Lohagad fort trek is fairly easy and can be done in just a few hours.

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Kothaligad fort trek

  • Location- Karjat
  • Altitude- 3,100 feet
  • Difficulty level- Easy
  • Duration-6 hours
  • Best time- Mid June to September
  • Attractions- Kothaligad fort, idyllic views from the top, and historic caves.
  • Trek trail- A fairly easy route with a rocky offbeat trail near the end.

Kothaligad fort trek is famous for Kothaligad fort, also called the Peth fort because village Peth is located at the base of this fort. The defense fort of Kothaligad was used to store ammunition. The focal attractions of the Kothaligad trek route include the two caves, first of a Goddess and the other Bhairoba cave with sculpted pillars. The view of windmills and sunrise from the pinnacle of the peak are other prime attractions. Another highlight of the trek is the presence of beautiful fireflies along the trail in the pre-monsoon season.

Therefore, the Kothaligad fort trek is one of the best night treks near Mumbai.The trek is easy for the most part except for a 10 feet rocky stretch near the top of Kothaligad.

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Ratangad trek

  • Location- Bhandardara
  • Altitude- 4,260 feet
  • Difficulty level- Moderate
  • Duration-6.5 hours
  • Best time-Late monsoon season during September.
  • Attractions- Ratangad fort, ancient Amruteshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, splendid views from the top, and Nedhe peak.
  • Trek trail- Exciting ascending and the descending trail that journeys along village fields, river crossings, water bodies, and forests.

Ratangad Trek is best done in September. During the late monsoon season, the whole mountain is bedecked with wild yellow Sonki flowers. The entire vista is just out of the picture book- one can relish the glimpses of surrounding mountain ranges of Katrabai, AMK, and Kalubai, Bhandardara backwaters, necklace waterfall, and the ancient Shiva temple. The focal attraction, however, is the natural rock at the peak with a cavity called Nedhe or Eye of the Needle.

Sagargad fort trek

  • Location- Alibaug
  • Altitude- 1, 482 feet
  • Difficulty level- Moderate
  • Duration-Two days
  • Best time-Monsoon and winter months
  • Attractions-Sagargad fort, Dhodhane waterfall, Siddheshwar Temple, spellbinding views from the top.
  • Trek trail-A well laid trekking trail amidst thick and expansive forests.

Sagargad fort is a sea fort on top of the hill. According to history, the prisoners were pushed to their death from the monkey point of the Sagargad fort.This trek is for someone seeking a thrilling adventure with a peek into history. The blissful trekking destination enthralls trekkers with steering views of the Arabian Sea and the town of Alibaug from the top. The monsoon breeze is rejuvenating for trekkers as they scale the gigantic plateau.

Tringalwadi fort trek

  • Location- Igatpuri
  • Altitude- 3, 238 feet
  • Difficulty level- Moderate
  • Duration-3 hours
  • Best time-October to February and Mid June to September.
  • Attractions-Tringalwadi fort, caves along the way, Bhawani Mata temple.
  • Trek trail-It is mostly an easy to moderate trek on a gentle slope with a bit of steep climb in the last bit of the journey. The last part of the trek is through steps that are cut into a rock.

Tringalwadi fort is one of Igatpuri's most popular forts. The Tringalwadi trekking trails journey along the green plateaus, waterfalls, ancient caves, and mountains of Igatpuri. One can revel in the prime beauty of the monsoon season while embarking on this trek.The trek is pretty straight most of the time except for the last lap. It takes almost an hour (one way) to reach the top of the fort from the start point.

Vikatgad trek

  • Location- Matheran
  • Altitude- 2,100 feet
  • Difficulty level- Moderate
  • Duration-6.5 hours
  • Best time-October to February and June to September.
  • Attractions-An ancient temple, 360° view of the surrounding peaks, caves, journey along the forest with a toy train rail track, and glimpses of Kadyavarcha Ganpati.
  • Trek trail-Mostly easy except for the unique narrow trail to the pinnacle.

There is an old temple of Goddess Pebi at the base of the Vikatgad fort. According to history, Shivaji used the caves of the fort for grain storage. The pinnacle of the hill offers commanding glimpses of Prabalgad, Kalavantin, Chanderi fort, Malanggad, Nakhind hill, Tahuli, and Matheran plateau.

Vikatgad trek offers 5 different trek trails of varying grades of difficulty and is therefore ideal for amateurs as well as seasoned trekkers.

Anjaneri fort trek

  • Location- Nasik
  • Altitude- 4, 263 feet
  • Difficulty level- Moderate
  • Duration-6 hours
  • Best time-All year through
  • Attractions-Hanuman temple, Anjani Mata temple, small Jain temples, Anjaneri fort, intricately carved caves, and lake.
  • Trek trail-The trail traverses through mountain crossing, stony patches, and plateau leading to the hilltop.

Anjaneri fort trek is a popular trek among Nashik trekking places and the Trimbakeshwar region.It is located in the Nasik-Trimbakeshwar Mountain range of Maharashtra. According to local belief, the Anjaneri fort is the birthplace of God Hanuman. The trek is therefore also on the list of devotees for spiritual reasons.The focal highlight for the trek is the Anjani Maata temple devoted to Lord Hanuman’s mother. It is a rare highlight as one cannot find any other temple in India built for Anjani Maata.It is a moderately easy expedition that requires good agility to reach the hilltop.

Irshalgad Trek

  • Location-Matheran
  • Altitude-1,700 feet
  • Difficulty level-Moderately difficult
  • Duration-6 hours
  • Best time-June to March
  • Attractions-Temple of goddess Irshaldevi, Morbe dam, caves, Nedhe point, and Irshalgad summit.
  • Trek trail-A well marked trail that goes through villages and lush forest. The final stretch is a bit treacherous.

Irshalgad is a gorgeous hill located in the vicinity of the iconic hill station Matheran. Irshalgad is easily distinguishable from far because of its typical boat shape.

The hill is connected to the Prabalgad fort by a ridge and can be reached through 3 different trails- first is the base of the summit, second the Needhe hole, and finally, the technical climb to the pinnacle.

The final lap of the trek is quite tricky and must be avoided unless one is adept at scaling treacherous peaks.The prime attractions are a small temple, caves, Nedhe point, and the splendid views of Matheran mountains from Irshalgad pinnacle.

Kalavantin trek

  • Location-Raigad
  • Altitude-2,205 feet
  • Difficulty level-Moderately difficult
  • Duration-5 hours
  • Best time-July to March
  • Attractions-A steep staircase reaching the peak, caves, Prabalmachi Plateau, panoramic view of Prabalgad, PebMatheran, Chanderi fort, Ulhas River, and Irshalgad from the pinnacle.
  • Trek trail-Thick vegetation, muddy trail, and uneven rocky terrain.

Kalavantin Durg Trek is one of the best trekking places near Mumbai. The trek traverses through dense forest trails, some muddy patches, and rocky terrain. The experience of scaling the summit of Kalavantin is a thrilling experience that is ideal for both amateurs or adventure seekers.

Kalavantin Durg Trek is covered in three phases: it starts with a gentle ascent till Prabalmachi Plateau. Then it leads to the COL and finally a climb from COL to the top of Kalavantin. However, the last stretch of the trek is a bit treacherous and one has to be extremely cautious while maneuvering this lap. One has to carefully walk on the hand-cut steps that are carved on a steep hill.Many adventure seekers combine the Kalavantin trek with the Prabalgad trek. Some trekkers love to camp at the vast Prabalmachi Plateau that lies en route this trek.

Torna Fort trek

  • Location-Pune district
  • Altitude-4, 603 feet
  • Difficulty level-Difficult
  • Duration-6 hours
  • Best time-Winter months
  • Attractions-The historical Torna Fort, picturesque glimpses of Raigad, Mahabaleshwar, Pratapgad, Khadakwasla dam, Singhad, Bhatgar, and Makarangad from the summit of Torna fort.
  • Trek trail-A bit slippery initially, followed by a gradual ascent and a journey along the ledge. It ends at a small rocky patch.

If you are a lover of history and love exploring forts then this challenging expedition should be on your wish list. The great warrior Shivaji conquered the Torna fort at the young age of 16. The fort is also called Prachandgad due to its humongous size. It is the tallest fort in Pune.The trail also offers beautiful river crossings, ridge walks, and seasonal waterfalls to admirers of nature. It is one of the toughest treks in Maharashtra but every ounce worth it.

Bhandardara Trekking

  • Location-Ahmednagar
  • Altitude-5,400 feet (Mount Kalsubai)
  • Difficulty level-Easy to difficult
  • Duration-6 hours
  • Best time-Winter and monsoon months
  • Attractions-Elaborate views of Bhandardara dam, historical forts, Kalsubai temple, Amruteshwar temple, Mt. Kalsubai, Randha Waterfall, and Ajoba peaks.
  • Trek trail-Varying trekking trails ranging from easy to moderate routes to slightly challenging ones.

Bhandardara is a breathtaking hill station perched in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. The roaring water cascades, majestic mountains, and sumptuous forests make Bhandardara the ultimate holiday location. This small hamlet also offers abundant thrilling attractions with unlimited trekking tours, ranging from easy to challenging climbs.

Mount Kalsubai is the most popular trekking locale in the region. It is also called the “Everest of Maharashtra''. Even though the Mount Kalsubai trek is quite tricky, it beckons tourists all year round, offering them splendid views of the surroundings. The best part is that one can also visit the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary, while on this trek.

Trekkers usually trek their way to the top but can also take the man-made stairs. Kalsubai temple, located at the pinnacle offers spiritual solace to fatigued travelers. Another attraction at the Kalsubai temple is a devout fair during the Navratris.

The magnificent Ratangad Fort is another alluring trekking spot and we have talked about it earlier in the blog. The history afficionados’ love the striking architecture of the opulent fort. The picturesque Amruteshwar temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is the prime attraction of the trekking route.Another exciting trek in Bhandardara is the Randha Waterfall trek. The beauty of Randha waterfall gushing down with full force in the monsoons is a sight to behold. One can also trek to the imposing Ajoba peaks that are famous for typical rock formations.


In a nutshell, these trekking places in Maharashtraoffer a quick rendezvous with nature. If you are seeking places for trekking near Mumbai or trekking in Mumbai this weekend, then set foot on these marvelous retreats. The offbeat destinations will leave you spellbound with their rich history and lush natural surroundings. Just explore!

Written by Shanu on 23-Oct-2021
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