Trekking in Himachal: Best Treks in Himachal

Trekking in Himachal: Best Treks in Himachal

Written by Shanu on 08-Feb-2020
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Trekking in Himachal- Ignite the Adrenaline Rush in You!

Looking for some unforgettable trekking experience? It’s time you load your backpacks and set out to explore the unexplored! From the solitary landscapes to the isolated rugged trails to the most exotic locales, Himachal Pradesh is blessed with some of the most active and best trekking terrains that jolt the adventurous best in you.

trekking in himachal


Himachal Pradesh or the Land of Snow offers trekking opportunities on magical trails uniquely crafted by nature and infused with luxurious grasslands, pretty mountain villages, silver streams, picturesque campsites, icy glaciers and thickets of alpine forests which are abode to the exotic Himalayan fauna.

Most of the trekking in Himachal commences from Manali, which is well connected to important places in India through road, rail, and air.

Let’s explore the 10 classic trekking trails of Himachal Pradesh which have been categorized as the weekend treks, easy treks, and difficult treks so that you can better plan your visit.

Weekend Treks

Set your foot on these ideal weekend treks if you are seeking to escape the monotonous routine of daily life and slip into the lap of nature for a quick power-break!

Such is the beauty of these rejuvenating treks that each of them treats you to a grand finale of the most amazing high-altitude lakes. These divinely beautiful lakes are perched at staggering altitudes amidst the stunning Himalayan peaks.

The treks resplendent with easy-to-tread trails offer a perfect ground for amateurs and beginners who are not used to the gimmicks of an arduous expedition.

  • 1. Beas Kund Trek
  • beas kund trek


    One the most popular weekend treks, Beas Kund is perched at an altitude of 12,772 feet. This trek of 47 kms in total and of an easy grade level is covered in just 3 days. You trek along the bubbling Beas river encompassed by the mighty Pir Panjal range and colossal peaks of Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sisters, Mount Indrasen, Friendship Peak and Shitidhar.

    The trekking trails meandering amidst the flawless Himalayan landscape of glossy green meadows, coniferous forests, tiny hamlets and mesmerizing campsites lead you to the 1000-year old glacial lake of Beas Kund. The holy lake is the origin of Beas River. It is believed that Sage Vyas, the author of Mahabharat bathed in its dazzling blue waters and meditated on the banks of this heavenly waterbody.

    You can extend the trek over 5 to 6 days if you wish to explore more.
    May to October are the ideal months to undertake this trek.

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  • 2. Bhrigu Lake Trek
  • bhrigu lake


    Touted as the “Grasslands Trek” of the Himalayan region, Bhrigu Lake trek treats you to the glossy green grasslands within the first few minutes of the trek. The never-ending carpets of lush greenery set against the azure skies are a visual treat throughout the trek. With wild horses galloping around you and sheep grazing away in these expansive stretches, you believe as if you are on a European vacation. With a trekking distance of approximately 25 kms., the wholesome trek treads along the scenic trails laid amidst the imposing Himalayan peaks of Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sisters and Deo Tibba and surrounded by pine forests and apple orchards.

    On the 3rd day of the trek, you reach an imposing altitude of 14,010 feet and get face-to-face with the oval-shaped waterbody, the Bhrigu Lake. This beautiful glacial lake offers a spiritual solace to the fatigued trekkers. The almost frozen lake is soaked in mythology. It is believed that Sage Bhrigu performed rituals and meditated on the banks of the holy Lake. It is also said that many Gods of the Kullu region took a dip in the holy waters of the lake.

    The constantly changing yet prettiest meadows and the glacial lake of Bhrigu are the highlights of the trek. The most interesting highlight of the trek is touching the covetous altitude of 14,010 feet in a short span of 3 days.

    The months of May to October are the best to embark on the Bhrigu Lake trek.

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  • 3. Prashar Lake Trek
  • parashar lake trek


    Often referred to as the most well-guarded secret of the region, Parashar Lake Trek is the hidden jewel in the glittering crown of Himachal Pradesh. You cover a distance of 19 km. in 2 days to reach an altitude of 8,956 feet and get floored with the scintillating views of the mighty Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Kinnaur ranges. The trekking trail journeys through dense alpine forests, ebullient streams, and lovely mountain villages that offer a sneak-peak into the distinct culture and primitive lifestyles of the local populace.

    The most beautiful Parashar Lake flanked by the unique 3-story pagoda-shaped temple is the star attraction of the trek. The temple combines the rich culture and unique architecture of Himachal Pradesh in a very interesting way. The lake and the temple are dedicated to Sage Parashar who is believed to have meditated on the banks of the holy lake.

    You can undertake the trek in the ideal months of February, April, May, and September. December to February is good months if you are seeking some winter-fun in a snow-laden landscape.

  • 4. Kareri Lake Trek
  • kareri lake


    An easy trek with a trekking distance of 26 km can be comfortably done in 3 days. You cross diverse terrains ranging from well-laid trails to stream crossings over wooden bridges, to some tricky ascents to touch an astounding altitude of 9,650 feet. As you transcend upon the elliptical Kareri lake perched neatly in the mighty Dhauladhar ranges, the sheer beauty of the place stuns your senses. The strategic location of the lake which is encompassed by a thicket of trees makes it a hotspot for the migration of rare species of birds from all over the world every year. The revered Shiva temple perched on the top of a hill overlooking the lake perfectly complements the serenity of the place.

    The pristine lake, sacred Shiva temple, and birdwatching activity are the focal attractions of the Kareri Lake trek.

    May to July and September to November are the ideal months for this trek.

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Easy Treks

Are you an amateur or a beginner seeking to venture into the trekking sport? If yes, then you are at the right spot-Himalayan trail is your perfect calling! You earn the best hands-on experience in the assorted terrains of Himachal Pradesh and graduate from being a novice to the most seasoned and competent trekker. Undertaking these treks of easy to moderate gradient is akin to taking the prelim tests before writing the baffling engineering exam. They prepare you well for future challenges.

We bring to fore the best suitable trekking trails that introduce a beginner/amateur to the finer nuances of trekking-

  • 5. Deo Tibba Basecamp Trek
  • deo tibba basecamp trek


    Easy yet a bit challenging, the Deo Tibba Basecamp trek is a 30-km trekking expedition comfortably covered in a span of 6 days. One of the most beautiful treks of Himachal Pradesh, Deo Tibba Basecamp Trek takes you to the astounding elevation of 14,698 feet. This pleasant trek journeys along the opulent Himalayan landscape dotted with the diverse terrain of rolling grasslands, dangling glaciers and mammoth cliffs. The grandiose peaks of Deo Tibba, Norbu & Jagatsukh, and the lush green meadows give you company throughout. The glistening blue-water lake, Chota Chandratal is one of the major highlights of this trek.

    The best time to undertake Deo Tibba Basecamp trek is from March to April and mid-September to October.

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  • 6. Hampta Pass Trek
  • hampta pass trek


    This dramatic crossover trek of Himachal Pradesh introduces beginners to the most holistic trekking experience. One of the most comprehensive trekking routes, Hampta Pass is peppered with all the elements that the first-time trekkers are looking for. The spectrum of the most contrasting landscapes, ranging from the lush meadows of Kullu valley to the cold barren deserts of Lahaul and Spiti valley, is the most stunning highlight of this trek. Crossing the Hampta Pass, the high-altitude pass, is in itself an intriguing experience. Touching an ambitious altitude of 14,010 feet in a short span of five days is also one of the most overwhelming experiences for first-time trekkers/beginners.

    Chandrataal, the majestic turquoise-water lake is like a sparkling pendant surrounded by the barren mountains of Spiti. It is believed that Pandavas took this route on their quest for heaven. Visiting this supremely beautiful lake is the top highlight of Hampta Pass trek.

    Mid-June to mid-October are the best time to visit the Hampta Pass.

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Difficult Treks

Adventure, challenge, Adrenaline rush, risk-taking activity-does all this strike a chord with you? If your answer is yes, then you’re all set to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Revive your adventurous spirit with a surge of whirlwind action! These treks offer a wholesome potpourri of terrains-from undulating meadows, dense forest cover & rugged countryside to mammoth snow-laden mountains encompassing the solitary mountain villages to icy mountain streams & river crossings and much more-all ingredients adding their distinct flavor to this catalogue of adventure!

Pack your bags and kick yourself with titillation on these daring expeditions-

  • 7. Pin Parvati Trek
  • pin parvati pass trek


    Thrill, zest and challenge, you experience a surge of emotions while venturing into this long Himalayan rendezvous! One should remember that the Pin Parvati route demands laborious trekking through treacherous terrains and is definitely not for the faint-hearted! However, as you touch the spell-binding altitude of 17,457 feet after 11 days of strenuous trekking, sheer exhilaration takes over the fatigue of an arduous trek. The strikingly different landscapes enthrall you with their distinct beauty, explicit culture and most spectacular biodiversity that transforms from the lush green Parvati Valley of the Kullu region to the naked icy-deserts of Pin Valley of the Spiti region.

    The trek also treats you to natural sauna baths set amidst the beautiful Himalayan settings. There are natural hot water springs at the end of the trek that pamper you with the soothing comfort after a 112 km long trekking journey. The awe-inspiring views of the Pin Valley, Shrikhand Mahadev, Kinner Kailash and other Himalayan giants from the top of Pin Parvati Pass is the most overwhelming feature of this trek.

    The best time for undertaking the trek is from July to September end.

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  • 8. Bara Bhangal Trek
  • bara bhangal trek


    11 days of thrill-packed adventure in the remote environs of Himalayan Valleys stuns you to the core. Bara Bhangal Trek is touted as one of the toughest treks of the Himalayan region and calls for the experience of seasoned trekkers only. You start with exploring the bustling Kullu Valley and end up face-to-face with the mysteriously solitary Bara Bhangal Valley. The sweeping change in the spectacular landscapes is one of the highlights of this trek that mounts to an altitude of 16,000 feet after traversing through a daredevil trekking route of 80 kms. Crossing the Kalihani Pass and Thamsar Pass can be a bit of a nerve-wracking challenge as these jagged locales take you away from civilization for almost 2 days.

    Touring the hermitical Bara Bangal village, the only well-inhabited village in the entire trek route is one of the most rewarding experiences of the Bara Bangal trek. The village is wrapped in mystery as the inhabitants believe that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great.

    Best time for doing the Bara Bhangal trek is from May to September.

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  • 9. Sar Pass Trek
  • sar pass trek


    Sar Pass trek is a moderate to difficult level trek stretched within 49 kms. which can be covered in a span of 6 days. One of the most frequented trails in the Shivalik range of Parvati Valley, Sar Pass is an ideal trekking trail for beginners as well as seasoned trekkers.

    The trek highlights include the frozen lake of Sar Pass, the beautiful Kasol Valley, touted as the “Backpacker’s Paradise”, and the steep descent which can be traversed only by sliding down almost 1 km into the gentler slope of the valley.

    The best time to undertake the trek is from the months from May to October.

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  • 10. Buran Ghati Trek
  • buran ghati trek


    A well-assorted trek wrapped with all the flavors of a Himalayan odyssey, Buran Ghati trek is spread over the adventurous terrains of imposing mountains, green grasslands, dense forests, gurgling streams, distinct villages, sharp-edged high-altitude trails, tricky ice walls, and a paradisiacal glacial lake. This moderate to difficult grade level trek covers a distance of 39 kms in 7 days. Every nook and corner of the trek is extremely beautiful as if the best ingredients of all treks have been entwined together to weave this magical rendezvous. In a nutshell, Buran Ghati trek is touted as one of the grandest trekking routes in Himachal. There is not a single dull moment in the entire trek.

    In addition to tricky trails and some rugged patches, the trek is steeped with hordes of thrill-packed adventures that require careful maneuvers. Sliding, rappelling through snow and navigating sharp descents are all a part of the Buran Ghati trek adventure.

    The trekking route is interspersed with the most exotic Himalayan flora and fresh winter-fruits. The scintillating views of the mighty Dhauladhar Range and Kinner Kailash enamour you throughout your trek.

    The entertaining journey brings you to the apex point at 15,000 feet. The descent from the apex is the most exhilarating part of the trek. The 400-meter ice wall and 6 long snow slides stir your senses with an exuberance of a 10-year old. This electrifying experience is bound to stay with you for a lifetime!

    Chandranahan lake, the glacial shimmering lake surrounded by snow-covered mountains is the Kohinoor of this trek.

    The best months to do this trek are May to mid-June.

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Written by Shanu on 08-Feb-2020
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