Camping In Rishikesh | Best Jungle And River Side Camps

Camping In Rishikesh | Best Jungle And River Side Camps

Written by Shanu on 14-Apr-2021
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If you are an outdoors person then it goes without argument that camping is one of your favorite activities. But, for those who have never been camping, getting holed up in a tent may be a ridiculous idea. They may ask, why leave the cozy comforts of your home to sleep in a snug canvas?

Well, we suggest that one has to set foot on the camping expedition to get the hang of this exciting activity. To set up your camp in the most picturesque locales, under the canopy of the shimmering star-lit sky is purely magical.

At this point, one may ask why camping in Rishikesh when there are so many other campsites in India? Well, for the uninitiated, Rishikesh is the Mecca for outdoor adventure in North India. Whether river rafting in the mighty Ganga or simply inhaling the crispy fresh air, or camping by the banks of Ganga, Rishikesh is THE place to be in.

Camping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, located in the state of Uttarakhand, is also called the Adventure Capital of Northern India; it offers myriad activities such as rafting, pilgrimage, meditation, and camping to the visiting tourists. Of course, people look for comfortable accommodation amidst their outdoor stunts.

To keep up with their demands, most campsites at Rishikesh boast world-class amenities such as Indian and western bathrooms, hot water supply, and many blood-rushing activities. These activities include rafting, bungee jumping, rock climbing, rappelling, valley crossing, jungle walks, and more.
You also celebrate nature by hiking in the nearby trails while enjoying the magnificent panorama of mountain ranges in close vicinity.

Rishikesh, also known as “The Land of Whistling Ganges”, surprises the camping enthusiasts with innumerable options. Here is a quick overview of the 9 best camping spots in and around Rishikesh.

Best Camps in Rishikesh

  1. Aspen Adventure Camp
  2. aspen adventure camp rishikesh
    Image Source: Aspen Adventure

    For someone seeking luxury camping or glamping in Rishikesh, Aspen Adventure Camp is the preferred choice. This adventure camp located just a few kilometers ahead of Laxman Jhula gives you the finest blend of camping coupled with convenience. The campsite is spread over 6 acres and offers 20 camps and 6 cottages. The premier camps and luxury cottages at Aspen Adventure Camp come with attached bathrooms in the tents. One can also rent air-conditioned luxury cottages here. Aspen Adventure Camp with its upscale ambiance is certainly not a cheap option but a perfect getaway for a great family camping experience. The most promising attribute of Aspen Adventure Camp is its exceptional safety measures on the premises and during the various adrenaline-pumping activities.

  3. Camp Wildex
  4. river side camp wildex in rishikesh
    Image Source: Wildex Camp

    Perched within the Rajaji National Park, Camp Wildex is another Luxury Camp in Rishikesh. It comes with all modern facilities like hot water, wireless Internet, and more. Camp Wildex is most popular for its proximity to the exotic wildlife of the region. If you want to enjoy the melodious chirpings of Himalayan avian species amidst the panoramic vista of the rising sun then Camp Wildex is the ideal jaunt. This site is also counted as one of the most romantic places for camping in Rishikesh.

  5. Coaster Camp
  6. roller coaster camp rishikesh
    Image source: Roller Coaster Camp

    Imagine a campsite with a long river stretch of 16 km for rafting? It’s kind of surreal, isn’t it? Roller Coaster Camp offers just that and many thrilling water sports along with. The Roller Coaster Camps are located in the solitude of nature on the sandy shores, in the midst of lush vegetation, animated by the rare fauna of the region. Roller Coaster offers an ideal buddy camping site as the tents usually come with triple occupancy. The campsite is quite cheap on your pocket, yet at the same time offers a wonderful list of Things to Do in Rishikesh.

  7. Cradle of Life
  8. cradle of life camp rishikesh
    Image source: Cradle of Life

    This campsite in Shivpuri Rishikesh is the perfect choice for daredevils who love to participate in heart-pumping water sports. Cradle of Life treats its visitors to unique escapades like cliff jumping into the icy cold river, waterfall trekking, beach volleyball, zip-lining, rappelling, and river rafting. But, for someone who loves being indoors, the place also offers innumerable options of indoor games such as ludo, chess, carom, cards, and much more. The focal attraction of Cradle of Life is the evening Music and Rainy Dance. Another highlight of this Luxury Camp is the comfortable Swiss Tents. One can choose camps on a double sharing, triple sharing, and quad sharing basis.

  9. Camp AquaForest
  10. camp aqua forest rishikesh
    Image source: Camp AquaForest

    For someone seeking adventure/jungle camps in Rishikesh, this camp fits the bill to the T. The jungle camping resort has ordinary as well as luxury camps. The Swiss tents at AquaForest make you feel that you are camping in the wilderness of Europe. For those who don’t want to take a dip in the nearby river, the campsite also offers a small pool on its premises. Camp AquaForest with a total of 6 camps/tents makes for an ideal place for camping in Rishikesh for couples and family.

  11. Camp Ganga Riviera
  12. camp ganga riviera rishikesh
    Image Source: Camp Ganga riviera

    Wanting a truly rustic experience in the riverside camps in Rishikesh? Head to Camp Ganga Riviera, located on the banks of the holy river. Camp Ganga Riviera is a 30-minute-trek (2 km) from the nearest Rishikesh-Badrinath highway. Set amidst the bounty of nature, this isolated beach/riverside camping offers direct access to white-water rafting, but is not as luxurious as one may think. Yet, it is a huge hit with swashbucklers. People also love stargazing and bonfires during nighttime at this campsite. Accommodation in the comfortably large tents is on a twin share basis but with independent toilets, and separate cold and hot showers. The Ganga Riviera campsite is an excellent choice for single men, young couples, and small families.

  13. Camp Footloose
  14. camp footloose rishikesh
    Image Source: Camp Footloose

    For mountain buffs who want to enjoy the uninterrupted view of the Himalayas, Camp Footloose is the perfect campsite to be in. Set amidst the lush wilderness, Camp Footloose has 15 rooms; it is one of the few campsites that does not offer riverside camping in Rishikesh. Camp Footloose is located at a 5-minute short trek from Shivpuri bridge where one can enjoy taking a dip if one wants to. The serenity and the ambiance of the place make it one of the best camps in Rishikesh for family camping.

  15. Camping in Brahmapuri
  16. camping in brahmapuri rishikesh

    This campsite covers a stretch of 12 km and is located in a small Himalayan village of Brahmapuri, about 10 km from Rishikesh. This obscure campsite offers excellent opportunities for white water rafting. In addition to water sports, Brahmapuri Nature Camp is an ideal getaway for people looking for a peaceful retreat into nature. The nature camp offers yoga, meditation, and other soothing activities in the laps of the panoramic landscape. Head to Brahmapuri Beach Camp if you are seeking a safe adventure with your family.

  17. Ghattu Ghat Rishikesh Camping
  18. camping in rishikesh ghattu ghat

    Antaram Resort is located in Ghattu Ghat, on the outskirts of Rishikesh. The 18 furnished cottages in Antaram Resort are fully ventilated and treat campers with an idyllic river-facing view. The campsite is choc-o-block with exciting games like volleyball, table tennis, cricket, chess, ludo, carom, and more. Antaram Resort also has three rafting stretches of 8 Km, 16 Km, and 24 Km. A trek to a natural waterfall in the vicinity, yoga, and meditation are other must-do activities at this campsite. The resort offers comfortable accommodation in tents/cottages and accounts for a pleasant camping experience for all age groups.

The icing on the cake is that most of these campsites offer complimentary three meals that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner- Ala Carte or Buffet style. Many campsites also serve tea/coffee with biscuits twice a day.

Best Time to visit Rishikesh for camping

The picturesque destination of Rishikesh can be visited throughout the year, except during monsoons. However, the best time for camping in Rishikesh is from October to mid-May when the weather is salubrious and perfect for outdoor adventure. While the winter months are a bit cold, one can enjoy pleasant mornings and evenings in the spring-summer season. The months between June to September experience heavy rainfall and therefore, are not recommended for camping.

Here is a quick overview of the best seasons for camping in Rishikesh-

Months Temperature Season
October to February 8 to 34°C 12100ft
March to May 14 to 39°C Spring-Summer (hot & humid)

Is camping in Rishikesh safe?

Uttrakhand is one of the safest tourist destinations that boast impeccable hospitality by the local populace. Camping in Rishikesh is one of the safest outdoor activities that one can participate in with friends and family.

What to take for camping in Rishikesh?

Whether you are a seasoned camper or new to camping, having a checklist will help you guide you through your camping expedition with ease. Here’s a master list that we have prepared for your convenience-

  • Extra clothes
  • Clean towels
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock and lip balm
  • Old sneakers, extra pair of shoes, and river shoes
  • Plastic Bag (to keep sneakers if they get wet)
  • A waterproof camera
  • Zip Lock Bags (for keeping snacks while on hikes, jungle walks)
  • Dry snacks, water bottle (to refill water), and energy drinks
  • Driver’s license


Camping is a brilliant way to introduce yourself and your loved ones to the nuances of outdoor adventure. You can go camping for rejuvenation or seek an adventurous exploit, or even to satiate your desire for blissful solitude. So, what are you thinking? Get rolling to hit the camping jaunt this summer; pack your bags and head straight to Rishikesh!
Written by Shanu on 14-Apr-2021
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