Reasons You Should Start Trekking

Reasons You Should Start Trekking

Written by Maheroo on 20-Jun-2019
Trekker walking over snow capped mountain under cloudy sky


All good things are wild and free. -Henry David Thoreau

We are slowly becoming an indoor generation who are trying to run their lives through a screen but as you see past your monotonous responsibilities of work, social status, and relationships; there's a beautiful world out there created for us to explore.

Rather than scrolling through the travellers feed of Instagram, get out of your comfort zone and soak in the havens of outdoors, you will feel the sun shining through your skin and the fresh air passing through your system. Trekking is your best bet of rejuvenation, being aware of your surroundings and testing your endurance gives you an accomplishment that cannot be described in words.

To give you a little push, here are a few reasons why you should start trekking.

Trekking gives a person the much-needed break


Millennials have started to chant the mantras of disconnect to connect, ironically, on social media. Trekking gives you the freedom to break the chains of the virtual world and helps you live all the wanderlust quotes you read on Pinterest in real life. Reasons to trek can be many but the most important one is it will make you enjoy the smallest pleasures of life without being worried about the first world problems at least for some time. You will experience no urge to check your phone constantly and the pressure of keeping your social status up to date will also rest for a while. So, take a break from your 9 to 5 job, don't spend the weekend binge-watching the same series over and over again, give yourself the much needed holiday and give mountains a chance because after effect of trekking are worth the efforts!

Connecting with the roots of nature is always a good idea

Tents placed under sky full of stars


Anything remotely related to being close to nature will have a therapeutic effect on you. Climbing mountains, drinking water from the glacier streams and spending the night under the sky full of stars helps you connect to your roots in the most natural way. Trekkers get the opportunity to witness the untouched beauty of nature with the withering sound of birds early in the morning, the breaking of dried leaves when you walk over the trails, the sight of the crimson red sky turning indigo blue as it sets. Do you remember how Naina and Bunny bonded over the snow covered mountain and the local Manali drink in Ye Jawani Hai Diwani? Mountains are big enough to give that chance to each one of us.

Rise above the ordinary already!

Trekking can benefit your mental health to a great extent

trekker holding trekking stick walking over snow covered ground


Without a doubt, there are a lot of benefits of trekking in health and stands to be one of the most resulting physical activity that enhances the endurance, fitness, and strength of the body but what's more beneficial about trekking is it causes a therapeutic effect to our minds. According to scientific research, outdoor activities like hiking and trekking calms your neural senses, balances out the blood flow in your body and enhances your conscious creative imagination. Trekking is an exhilarating experience that takes off the stress from your mind as you connect with nature and helps you clear your head off the irrelevant things.

Mountains can make you more mindful and spiritual

Trekker sitting at the edge at kedarkantha summit


You always ascent as a different person and you always descend as a different person. Trekking does something to your head, it makes you feel light, belonged, powerful, accomplished and simply blissful. Trekking is almost like meditating only better and full of adventures. With the abundance of scenic escapades around you, the richness of pure and fresh air, backdrop of scenic mountains; you get the taste of nomadic and free life and this taste becomes spreads like a wildfire inside your head making you come back over and over again. It definitely is a strenuous task to climb a huge mountain, but once you reach the summit, you will realize that the peak of one mountain is the base for another, giving you all the more reasons to keep going on and on.

Explore the hidden beauty of nature and experience the joys of traveling

Man carrying a bagpack standing over a green valley lokking over the beauty of nature


Trekking is not like your regular vacation idea it is so much more than just a holiday, it is way better than all of them. There are so many social benefits of trekking, not only do you get to explore and experience new destinations, new culture, new people, new cuisines, but you also befriends the strangers over the horror stories by the bonfire or over the unconditional love for Maggie that emerges out of nowhere in the mountains. Unlike popular belief, trekking is not expensive, helps you make new friends and lifelong bonds, associate yourself with finer things in life and make the memories that will last forever in your life.

Traveller taking rest over the snow capped mountain looking for the trail ahead


By the end of this article, you would've already convinced your squad to plan a trek and if everyone seems busy, don't worry just pick up your backpack and go for a trek all by yourself. Be a part of nature's mystical side and get addicted to exploring. Remember mountains are always calling!

Also, if next time somebody asks you, what good will climbing a mountain do to you, make sure you make them read this article and make them start trekking immediately!

Written by Maheroo on 20-Jun-2019