Valley of Flowers-An Enthralling Floral Trek

Valley of Flowers-An Enthralling Floral Trek

Written by Nakshatra on 02-Jul-2019
Pink colour flower blooming over green mountain grassland with sky filled with cloud shattering in the peak of mountain

Nestled in the lap of nature, with snow-capped mountains adding to a mesmerizing backdrop- the Valley of Flowers, in the Bhyundar Valley, West Himalayas, is a tourist magnetic in the state of Uttarakhand. Green pastures are not all that attract visitors, the 'Valley of Flowers' as its name suggests- is bestowed with an abundance of magnificent species and varieties of flowers. With the growing interest of trekkers towards the Northern states of India, especially the less explored places and destinations of Uttarakhand, this is a scenic destination. Placed at an elevation of 14, 400 feet, this trek was an accidental discovery of a British mountaineer. Apart from the very fact that 'The Valley of Flowers Trek' is one of a kind experience, there are innumerable reasons, this trek is not worth a miss!

Sun shines through the cloud on a single trail going through the valley of flower with both side covered with green grass with snow covered mountain in distant place

The Valley of Flowers trek has the reputation of being the most beautiful trek in the country and one of the most alluring ones, in the world as well. Treks are usually tough, rigorous, and challenging. Which makes it a deal breaker for the not-so-enthusiastic travellers. Hence a lot of people who are mildly excited about trekking often cannot muster up the courage and patience which regular treks would require. But the valley of flowers trek is an exact opposite of the rough and tough game. It is a delight instead. And you will want to visit the location again. It is not the usual rough road that will leave you with a mud-stained experience, it is a peek into what gifts of abundance nature behold for us.

Brahamakamal flower bud growing near other wildplant

Secondly, if you are a nature enthusiast, then this trek is absolutely tailor-made for you, with more than 520 species of flowering plants. Along the trail, you will catch a glimpse of flowers like geranium, lilies, calendulas, zinnia, cobra lilies, blue poppy and many more. Exotic flowers on the way to through the trek are the ultimate attraction. Brahmakamalas, one of the rare species of flowers that bloom overnight can be seen at the 'Valley of Flowers'. There is also an abundance of alpine flowers, here. You can also spot the Blue Primula, which is the loveliest of all the Himalayan flowers, here. The sounds of nature will please your senses and will momentarily detach you from your worldly worries. After being declared a park in the year 1982, UNESCO referred to it as one of the world heritage sites, adding to the reputation and tourist influx of the location.

Flower blooming on side of a Hemkund lake with wooden path to houses with tin roof and distant mountain covered with green grass and fog covering the top of mountain

If you are fortunate, you might even spot a brown bear or a blue sheep. A major thrill of trekking as an activity lies in the camping portion of it. When at Hemkund Sahib, you can halt and set up a camp at the lakeside, to enjoy the solace of the location. One of the reasons that make the Valley of Flowers trek really interesting, is the rich culture, the distinct language and the amalgam of the influence of the 'Kumaonis' and the 'Garwahlis'. If you have a taste for new cultures and ethnicities, this trek will be a new and enriching experience for you. You can meet the locals, taste some of their quirky cuisines, grab some local fruits which can be found only in the region and enjoy their dialect and lifestyle. A cup of tea is a must when visiting Uttarakhand! What attracts tourists the most to this trek is the significant landmarks that fall on the way of the trek. The initial phase includes Joshimath, which later leads to Hemkund Sahib, which is a religious abode of the Hindus as well as the Sikhs. A major portion of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve also falls en- route the trek. This place not only has a mythological legend attached to it but is also a sight of exquisite flora. Some other landmark locations that fall en-route the 'valley of flowers' trek are the Saptrishi peaks, the Hathi mountain, and Devprayag, where the rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda meet to further flow into the sacred river, Ganga. Ghangaria and Auli are also sights to be cherished.

pink colour flower blooming in green grassland with both side huge mountain covered with greeen grass and trees and straight head himalayan mountain sheding bursting the clouds

Not only are these enchanting sights a treat for the eyes, but they also offer you an opportunity to capture several Instagram worthy pictures. So if you are fond of photography, videography or travel blogging- there couldn't be a better destination to feature in your Instagram posts and stories. The Valley of Flowers, equally delights botanists, wildlife photographers, bird watchers, and wanderlusts. It is a 5 to 6 days trek and is absolutely something you just cannot miss. This trek is considered ranging from easy to medium, in terms of the difficulty level. And it is ideal for beginners as well. The trek usually starts from Haridwar and winds up at Rishikesh. Haridwar and Rishikesh are two other locations, which have a lot in store to be explored, there are some popular temples and pretty popular eateries too. Commutation is often a huge problem in reaching base locations of a trekking destination. But the good connectivity of Haridwar (base camp) with Dehradun, makes your travel easy and comfortable. Another reason that makes the 'Valley of Flowers' trek well worth visiting, is the cleanliness of the trail. Despite the fact that several trekkers scale the same path on a regular basis, the trail is absolutely spick and span. And the most significant reason which makes this trek delightful is the escape route you take from plains to the mountainous terrain.

waterfall dropping from high mountain slope covered with green tree

The trek stays in full bloom from June to September, and the overview of the valley changes when a different set of flowers bloom and add new hues to the collection. It is a fairyland that exists beyond just books. Ever caught a close glimpse of waterfalls and glaciers, heard the gushing of streams to join bigger water bodies, or delighted your heart by paying attention to the sound of birds chirping- the Valley of Flowers Trek has all of this packaged at one place for you.

Written by Nakshatra on 02-Jul-2019