10 best short treks near Bangalore this weekend

10 best short treks near Bangalore this weekend

Written by Radhika on 20-Jan-2022
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The holiday season has stepped in, and so is the ongoing slurry of vacation plans! The best getaway and respite from city life is-going out and discovering the wilderness. Life calls for some adventure and to let loose your intrepid soul. Trekking has always been the best choice when it comes to seeking some adventure, don’t you agree? It can rejuvenate you from the inside; pep you up with that dopamine energy. And, we can’t miss the best part of it when you traverse your way to the hiking trail!

There is a gamut of short treks in Bangalore, which can do apt justice to your vacation plans. If you haven’t visited trekking places near Bangalore, you are missing some epic fun! This article will be your friendly guide to know about the 10 best trekking places in Bangalore, that you won’t regret visiting. Now is the right time to say bye to the hubbub of the cities and just serenade in the beauty of nature. So let’s dive in straight to find out about the hearth robbing and captivating short treks near Bangalore.

1. Chitradurga Fort Trek

  • Distance from Bangalore: 200km
  • Altitude: 3202 m
  • Difficulty grade: Easy
  • The Chitadurga Fort Trek is the best getaway for all the bikers out there looking for small treks near Bangalore. The fort, also called Chitrakaladurg or Chittaldurg, is located in the district Chitradurga, on the banks of the river Vedavati. It is a common halt point for folks traveling from Bangalore to the famous heritage site, Hampi. The difficulty level of this weekend trekking in Bangalore falls in the easy range. The fort was popularly called the Chitaldoor during the time of British rule and is one of the largest forts in Karnataka which captivates the tourists.

    This 1 day trek near Bangalore is enjoyed by all age groups from young to old. You can reach forest trekking near Bangalore, by means of rail or road. It takes around 3 to 4 hours by bus to reach this exhilarating place. You can also go by train which will take you to Chitradurga Railway station, from where you can take roadways to reach the fort.

    One of the biggest attractions is the secret entry to the fort, Obbavana Khindi. This fort, as its name suggests- picturesque fort, offers spectacular views of the stone foundations and the nearby hills. You can spot beers and leopards during the evening during this trekking in Bangalore. Another remarkable spot here is climbing to the topmost reach of Hidimbi temple.

    2. Halu Chilume Ganga Temple

  • Distance from Bangalore: 60km
  • Altitude: 3310 ft
  • Difficulty grade: Easy
  • Another riveting trek to fulfill all your plans for one day treks near Bangalore is Halu Chilume Ganga Temple. It is just an hour distance from Bangalore, rendering you some fascinating sightseeing and views you would have never witnessed. It is one of the popular short treks near Bangalore located in Doddaballapur, approximately 60 km outside Bangalore. The trail is full of lush greenery throughout the year, and the sweet scent of lemongrass gracing after the monsoon. This is offbeat, thorny trekking around Bangalore that is frequented by innumerable trekkers every year.

    This family trekking near Bangalore is an easy trail and is full of adventure, as one sees the stony patches along with the steps, boulders, and the forest trail. An eye-catching view here is the temple located at the peak of the trail, having bells on a rock. This interesting, stone temple located 3.5 km from the base, has an idol made out of rock and is frequented by locals nearby.

    It is believed that all your prayers and wishes are fulfilled at this temple, which is the reason why people flock here so much. Thus, this hiking around Bangalore is one of the most coveted weekend treks that can relieve you from the humdrum city life.

    3. Pattabhi Rama temple

  • Distance from Bangalore: 55km
  • Altitude: 3000 ft
  • Difficulty grade: Moderate
  • The Ramanagra is a town in Karnataka and is popularly called the Silk City because of its famous silk market. The quintessential Bollywood movie- Sholay was shot here in one of its hills- Ramagiri hill which is about 4 km from the town. At the top of this hill is the famous Pattabhi Rama temple, known for being one of the best small treks near Bangalore. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity- Lord Rama and was built during the Vijayanagar Empire.

    In the Pattabhi Rama temple trekking near Bangalore, you can savor the exotic view of the seven surrounding hills- Shivaramagiri, Somagiri, Yatirajagiri, Krishnagiri, Jala Siddeshwara hill, Revana Siddeshwara hill, and Sidilakallu hill.

    Another captivating attraction here is Janapada Loka and Kanva reservoir which is popular as bird-watching and fishing spots. Apart from the temple, there are other enticing trekking places near Bangalore; the Revana Siddeshwara Betta and Ramadevara hills in Ramanagra are the top ones. This place is also famous for rock climbing which attracts tourists in large numbers throughout the year.

    4. Kunti Betta

  • Distance from Bangalore: 122km
  • Altitude: 2880 ft
  • Difficulty grade: Moderate
  • Kunti Betta is another picturesque and eye-soothing hill located in Mandya district in the state of Karnataka. It is popularly called Pandavapura, as it was the place of exile of Pandavas for 14 years in the epic Mahabharata. It is ideal for a trip of night trekking in Bangalore and consists of two hills. It is a moderate one day trekking near Bangalore, taking about 2 hours to reach the top from the base.

    Kunti Betta also has a famous temple with a pond at the foothill which is popular among pilgrims. From the right side of the pond, this forest trekking near Bangalore begins. The place abounds in lush greenery, paddy fields, and coconut trees. This is also famous for rappelling and rock climbing. The best time for visiting Kunti Betta is between October and May. Lastly, there is a famous Thonnur Lake, about 4 km from the hill which offers another eye-catching view in this hiking around Bangalore.

    5. Channakeshava Betta

  • Distance from Bangalore: 60km
  • Altitude: 1350 m
  • Difficulty grade: Easy to moderate
  • The Channakeshava Betta is another one famous for one day trekking near Bangalore. The Channagiri or popularly known as Channakeshava Betta is a famous hill located in the range of Nandi hills. It is one of the short treks near Bangalore with a total distance of 3 km, taking around 2 hours to complete. During the monsoon time, the trek becomes a little difficult due to thorny bushes and long shrubs.

    It has an ancient Omkareshwara Temple at the top and is the source of the North Pinakini River, which becomes an enticing sight for visitors. This trekking near Bangalore provides a picturesque view of the shrubby grasses, dense deciduous and tamarind trees along the trail path. You can also view other hills in this range like Skandagiri, Brahmagiri, etc, and enjoy their beauty.

    6. Yettina Bhuja

  • Distance from Bangalore: 220 km
  • Altitude: 1300 m
  • Difficulty grade: Moderate to difficult
  • The Yettina Bhuja is another pleasant one from the trekking trips near Bangalore. It derives its name from ‘Yetti’, meaning ‘ox’ and ‘Bhuja’, which means ‘hump’, in Kannada language. The entire trek ideally looks like the hump of an ox, and therefore the apt name. Yettina Bhuja is a mountain chiefly placed in the Mudigere range in the Chikmagalur district. This night trekking in Bangalore can be covered within 3 to 4 hours.

    The ideal time to visit this 1 day trek near Bangalore is the post-monsoon season. The entire trail abounds in thick vegetation and lush greenery for the fellow trekkers. The eye-soothing, panoramic view of Charmadi Rage and Shishila valley is to die for! Despite this, there are many other hills like Amedikallu, Deepadakallu, Jenukallu Gudda, and Ombattu Gudda, which offer enough sightseeing chances for all the trekking fans!

    7. Channarayana Durga

  • Distance from Bangalore: 100 km
  • Altitude: 1138 m
  • Difficulty grade: Moderate
  • The Channarayana Durga is a hilltop located in Madhugiri nearby the Tumkur district in Karnataka. It sits at a staggering altitude of 1138 m and is a famous hill fort trekking near Bangalore. The Channarayana Durga trek offers a variety of rustic hills and herbs and medicinal plants to be sighted along the way. What a welcoming sight for the sore eyes! This fort was built in the 17th century and is located about 100 km from the main city of Bangalore.

    You can easily reach the fort by taking a trail from Bangalore to Tumkur. This hill fort also has the famous historic Maratha fort mounted on its top and takes about half a day to complete the entire trek to the hilltop. It has a moderate difficulty level and is quite an interesting trek as it has no signboards along the way. These small treks near Bangalore can be an enriching experience offering rich heritage and cultural value to the trip.

    8. Kabbaladurga Trek

  • Distance from Bangalore: 80 km
  • Altitude: 2090 ft
  • Difficulty grade: Easy to Moderate
  • The hiking trek to Kabbaladurga is among the best trekking trips near Bangalore. It is located in the Kanakpura city in Ramanagar district of Karnataka. Ideally, this family trekking near Bangalore takes about 3 hours to reach upwards to the finishing point. It is located at an altitude of 2090 feet, at the slopes of the mountain ranges of Kanakpura. This hill is famous for the temple of Goddess Kabbalamma from where it derives its name. One can see the ruins of the fort at the top.

    One can reach his weekend trekking in Bangalore via bus or car at the trek base. The trek can be a beautiful witness to bonfires and camps which tourists set up throughout. This magnificent hill aka night trekking in Bangalore is famous for the soothing scenic beauty and the surrounding mountain ranges gracing the view.

    9. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Trek

  • Distance from Bangalore: 75 km
  • Altitude: 1500 m
  • Difficulty grade: Easy to Moderate
  • The Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is a popular hill located near the Kanakpura town in Karnataka and is among the famous day treks near Bangalore. The trek is located at an altitude of 1500 m and is on the Kanakapura Road, about 75 km from Bangalore. The biggest attraction here is the white rock at the top of the hill, from where it derives the name, as ‘Bili’ refers to white in Kannada. It is a mixture of smooth and adventurous trails.

    The trek starts from Konala Doddi, about 6 km from Bilikal Betta, and has a moderate difficulty level. Another attraction here is the famous temple at the top dedicated to Lord Rangaswamy which is flocked by pilgrims throughout the year. This difficult trek near Bangalore renders a range of picturesque view of the surrounding hills in the Kanakpura range from the hilltop. Lastly, the best time to frequent this trekking near Bangalore is the post-monsoon time, between August and January.

    10. Turahalli forest trek

  • Distance from Bangalore: 20 km
  • Altitude: 888 m
  • Difficulty grade: Easy
  • The Turahalli forest trek is the perfect getaway you need to rush from the din and chaos of the city. It is located on the Kanakpura road, just 20 km from the city of Bangalore. It is believed to be the only forest remaining in the city and is full of greenery and sparse vegetation. This forest trekking near Bangalore is located at an altitude of 888 m and abounds in a diversity of flora and fauna around.

    The Turahalli forest has huge rock boulders which offer a picturesque view for sitting and relaxing, clicking pictures as well as rock climbing. This weekend trekking near Bangalore has the perfect cycling trail and is famous for rappelling, running, mountain biking, walking, bird-watching, and hiking, ideal for all ages. The ideal time to visit this beautiful forest trek is the post-monsoon time. So what are you waiting for? Make a weekend plan to enjoy this deciduous forest to savor nature and get some adventure too in this 1 day trek near Bangalore.

    Written by Radhika on 20-Jan-2022
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