Reasons Why Nag Tibba is a Perfect Beginners Trek

Reasons Why Nag Tibba is a Perfect Beginners Trek

Written by Ayush on 17-Dec-2019

It’s understandable if you want to experience the thrill of trekking and enjoy the fresh mountain snow, but are intimidated by the idea of the long hikes, or sleeping in tents, or wonder how much your body can take the high altitude walk. The massive scale of it scares you, and you end up wishing if things were a bit easier to help you get the idea of it. If these are the reasons, holding you back, a small weekend trek like the Nag Tibba is perfect for you in every way.

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Ideal for a weekend trek as a quick getaway from the monotonous city life and have an adventurous fun-filled weekend. At an altitude of 9915 ft the Nag Tibba trek is a perfect beginner trek or for a first-time trekker who wants to get an idea about trekking. The scenic drive, the Goat village – away from all the city rush, the vibrant green flora and fauna, the religious and the mythic touch of the Nag Devta temple, the summit and the panoramic mountain view- all that and many more makes this trek perfect for even the professional trekkers as well.

About Nag Tibba Trek

Perfect for anyone who is staying in and around Delhi, Nag Tibba is an easy trek of only 2days with 4-5kms of effortless trekking. Although an easy trek, this trekking trail takes you to an admirable height of 9,915ft above sea level, offering you marvellous views of several mountain ranges and peaks like Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Srikanth, Kala Nag or theBlack Peak, Kedarnath, Chanabang and many more.

Part of the lesser Himalayas, the Nag Tibba is a part of the Nag Tibba range and the highest peak in the lower Himalayas of the Garhwal region. With its name meaning the ‘Serpent’s Peak’, Nag Tibba is the highest of all its surrounding peaks near it, providing an unhindered 360-degree view of the colossal mountains that is bound to render you speechless.

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The peak being in the Uttarakhand Himalayas region of the Tehri Garhwal district, the trek starts from Dehradun for its easy accessibility. The trek commences from the Pantwari village, which serves as a base camp. From Dehradun, it is a beautiful 5 to 6 hours drive to the basecamp. The 85 km drive takes you through the ‘Queen of hill stations’- Mussoorie. Enroute, expect beautiful sights of scenic beauty as your car takes you to your base camp via Mussoorie and the Kempty Fall with the beautiful river Yamuna flowing beside the drive route, accompanying you till you turn for your destination at Nainbagh.

Starting from delicious meals before and after treks in the mountains, filling up your water bottles at mountain streams and water reservoirs, hiking through forests, walking in ankle-deep snow, you will experience it all in this trek. Most importantly, you will experience all the marvels of a trek, in an easy trek during your weekend getaway. You will also experience the local cultures of the people living in the Goat Village, which is an eco-tourism resort. With gentle climb through undulating terrains and occasional inclines, you get to the summit- Nag Tibba Peak.

From the summit, you can experience the sight of snow-capped mountain ranges and peaks, reflecting the light of the sun, as Nag Tibba offers you a bird’s eye view. After spending some time at the top, you have a steady descent to Pantwari through Devalsari village. From Pantwari, Dehradun is 4-5 hours of smooth drive.

That’s Nag Tibba trek- a short, simple beginner's trek with all the ingredients of a major mountain trek and a jungle hike. The rich and vibrant Himalayan ambience, meandering meadows, beautiful campsites, snow, quaint villages, and ice-capped Himalayan mountain peaks.

Things that make Nag Tibba a perfect beginners trek

  • Connectivity and the Beauty en route
  • Nag Tibba trek is ideal for a first-time trekker in every way. With just being around 355km of distance from Delhi, this trek serves as a trek that anyone can choose as a break from the rush of city life or a break from the daily routine, to have a change in life on the weekends.



    The trek starts from Dehradun with Pantwari as its base camp. With Dehradun being so well connected, and Pantwari too being accessible through proper well maintained motorable roads.

    How to reach Nag Tibba Trek

    By Road

    Dehradun is quite easily accessible. From Delhi, Dehradun is a 254km drive. You can book a cab, which will take around 5-6 hours. From Delhi, there are many deluxe buses available which ply to Dehradun, and they are available at regular intervals. From the ISBT Kashmere Gate, there are government buses available too to Dehradun Railway Station. From Dehradun Railway Station you can take a bus or a cab to Pantwari.

    The drive from Dehradun is through the beautiful hill station – Mussoorie. The drive route also offers a beautiful view from Kempty Falls. You can also opt for an alternate route available from Rishikesh, via Mussoorie, through Nainbagh to Pantwari.

    By Train

    Dehradun is well connected to other major cities by the railways. If you are travelling from Delhi, you can easily take overnight trains to Dehradun. Trains like Nanda Devi Express and Dehradun Express are popular choices as they help you reach Dehradun by 6 am in the morning. From Dehradun Railway Station you can take a bus or a cab to Pantwari.

    By Air

    Located 25kms away from the city, Jolly Grant Airport serves as Dehradun’s airport. There are cabs and buses available to the city railway station. From Dehradun Railway Station you can take a bus or a cab to Pantwari.

    Also for your convenience, we can also arrange for your transport from Dehradun Railway Station to Pantwari, and you can contact our team at Moxtain for the details about it.

  • Duration
  • The Nag Tibba trek is favoured by all and is a perfect weekend trek for beginners.

    oak and cedar forest enroute nag tibba


    On the first day, you start your day with a 254km drive from Dehradun to Pantwari village, which is 5-6 hours. After the end of the motorable road, your trekking experience starts. Your trek on this day will be 4 km to the campsite of Nag Tibba Temple.

    On the second day, your trek starts from Nag Tibba Temple to Nag Tibba Summit and then a gradual descent to Pantwari Village. Your trek thus concludes with a drive to Dehradun.

  • Great Terrain
  • trail covered with fallen leaves in nag tibba


    Even though the summit of this trek is at a breathtaking height of 9915 ft, the trek is easy. Having a gentle incline through the dense forests, meandering meadows, and occasional undulating terrain; the Nag Tibba trek is perfect for a beginner for someone without any prior experience. The trek route provides ample snow cover in the winters, and the trail looks beautiful with the trails and the tree leaves being covered in snow. While, in summers, you will find wildflowers blooming on your trek trail, with the vegetation being a bright and vibrant green.

  • A complete Himalayan trek
  • A Himalayan forest trek with an abundance of snow and landscape is what it is- The Nag Tibba trek. Even though the Nag Tibba trek is known as a beginners trek, the features of the trek are astounding in every way and are no less than any other Himalayan trek.

    snow covered trail at nag tibba


    This trek provides an experience of the local cultures of the Himalayan hamlets, trek trails that goes through the coniferous forests, fresh mountain snow and snowfall in the winters, occasional rocky terrain, a gentle climb with a steady ascent to the summit with a beautiful view of the lesser Himalayas at an height of 9,915 ft above sea level and a lovely campsite in a clearing at the edge of the forest under the star-lit sky. All this makes Nag Tibba an easy yet a complete Himalayan trek.

  • Camping in the forest
  • campsite at nag tibba trek


    If the summit is the main attraction of the trek, the picturesque campsite isn't far behind in the list. With a beautiful Nag Tibba Temple campsite at the edge of the forest, the trek experience feels all the more wonderful. Our team provides excellent, well-maintained tents that make your camping experience memorable. Nag Tibba Temple campsite is known for the beautiful sunsets one can see from here. The range of changing hues as the sun sets behind the horizon is bound to make you speechless. After that, the bonfire, the experience of you and your friends gathering around it as you share your stories as the stars flicker in the night sky, is something you will cherish forever.

  • The view from the summit
  • trekker at nag tibba summit


    In any mountain trek, the summit remains the main attraction of the trek and it’s no different in the case of the Nag Tibba trek. Rather, it is quite unique and special for the panoramic view it offers from the Nag Tibba Summit. Being the highest peak of the lower Himalayas of the Garhwal region, the Serpent's peak or Nag Tibba is at an elevation of 9915 ft. The Nag Tibba range is one of the three ranges of the Lesser Himalayas, while the other two being Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal.

    With a Nag Tibba trek route being important in religious books and the peak itself having mythological importance, the trek experience gets a mystic touch as you can find a temple enshrined here.

    From the summit, you get splendid views of other mountain ranges. Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Srikanth, Kala Nag or theBlack Peak, Kedarnath, Chanabang and Gangotri group of peaks along with the mesmerising view of the Doon valley encompasses and fills up your horizon once you make the summit climb. You get all this from a relatively easy climb.

  • Round the year trek
  • nag tibba weather


    Nag Tibba Trek in the winter season, expect snowfall. This means fresh snow covering up your trail, and as you walk up the mountain, you can feel the snow crunch under your feet. While most Himalayan trek routes remain closed during the peak winter months of the end December and January, Nag Tibba trek remains open. The Nag Tibba trek route instead looks even more beautiful when snow-covered, and the snowfall at such an altitude creates a serene ambience that one remains mesmerised by.

    Nag Tibba Trek in the summer seasons, the scene is quite different. It is beautiful in every way as the trail is covered with bright colours of wildflowers and rhododendron flowers that blossom during this time. Thus, the trek has its unique flavor in different seasons round the year, making it one of those treks which you would love to revisit again. In the summer season, the cool breeze of the mountain and the shade of the forests make the climb to the top a pleasant one, making this trek a quick escape from the summer heat of the cities.

    Although trekking is not advisable in the monsoon season as with the rains the soil gets lose, and mountains become prone to landslides, yet Nag Tibba’s beauty is hard to remain unnoticed, as the rain seems to add new life to flora and fauna.

  • A trek and a summit climb with Basic fitness
  • Nag Tibba being a relatively easy trek with short trekking for only two days, you do not need extensive preparations or fitness routine prior to the trek. People with a fit body and an active lifestyle can easily opt for the trek as a quick escape and a spontaneous weekend getaway.

Written by Ayush on 17-Dec-2019