Buran Ghati Trek Route

Buran Ghati Trek Route

Written by Shivani on 02-Jan-2020

Buran Ghati Trek Route

buran ghati trek


Situated at an altitude of 15000 ft, Buran Ghati is easily one of the most popular treks in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. Buran trek is an idyllic was between Sangla valley and Pabbar valley blended with lush green deodar and pine forests. The trek starts from Janglik district which is a small town situated at a distance of about 150 km from Shimla. From Janglik, you need to trek towards your first campsite of Dayara. The green meadows of Dayara will welcome you with the green widespread velvet carpet and breathtaking mountain backdrops. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful campsites in Himachal Pradesh. From there on the trek starts to get more thrilling and nerve-wracking as you go deeper into it. The untapped territory of the trail will keep you hooked as you cross the alpine lakes, dense forests, and uneven sections towards the next campsite.

  • Janglik to Dayara (9200ft-11.075ft)
  • The trek is easy to moderate on this route, you will come across the wheat fields and wooden farmhouses, the altitude will slowly increase and you will see many beautiful small villages like Diude and Tonglu .there will be pine and oak forest and water stream running along, soon Dayara meadows will appear. The scenery of Dayara meadow is a feast to human eyes.

  • Dayara to litham (11,075ft -11,737ft)
  • The trail from Dayara to Litham is consists of the meadow. You will pass through pine and oak forest, cross the stream and will see Dhauladhar Range and Gunas Pass. After crossing the forest of silver brich trees, you will get a clear view of litham, on this route you will also see Chandranahan stream, after crossing this stream you will reach litham campsite.

  • Litham to the excursion of Chandernahan lake (11,737ft-13,900ft)
  • Chanderanahan Lake is situated on a high altitude, and to visit the lake you have to climb on steeps which are a little difficult but also adventurous .but in the end it will be satisfying.

  • Litham to dhunda (11.737ft-13,65ft)
  • Chanderanahan Lake is situated on a high altitude, and to visit the lake you have to climb on steeps which are a little difficult but also adventurous .but in the end it will be satisfying.

  • Litham to dhunda (11.737ft-13,65ft)
  • On the trail, the Pabbar River will accompany you till you reach a small lake to your right. You will have to take the steep climb to arrive at Dhunda campsite from here you will get a clear view of Buran Ghati.

  • Dhunda to Munirang (River camp) via Buran Ghati(13,365ft-11,800ft)
  • The climb to Buran Ghati is 15,00ft which is mostly covered with snow, the descent on the other side is steep and difficult. This is the most adventurous part of the trek, this trail is consist of sliding down through ledges.

  • Munirang (River camp) to barua village (11,800ft-6,700ft)
  • From here the trail will change you will find cultivated land and small village on this trail you will find apricot and peach tree.

How to prepare for Trek

On trekking, you will spend most of your time far away from cities in the mountains so you must be well prepared for the journey, carry only those materials which are necessary for the journey.

Trek essentials

  • Backpack and rain cover of 50-60ltr
  • Walking stick
  • Head torch
  • Water bottle -2bottles of 1 liter
  • Snacks – energy bar, dry fruits
  • Personal medical kit
  • Sun cap, woolen cap, sunglasses
  • Toilet paper and wipes
  • Sunscreen cream, moisturizer, toothpaste

How to get fit for trekking

Trekking is difficult to work for someone who is not a professional trekker or have a daily workout routine. Most of us walk daily but this is not enough to prepare someone for trekking.

Trekking requires good aerobic fitness and strength training.

  • Aerobic fitness
  • When we climb on the high altitude the air becomes thinner and the level of oxygen decreases, so to cope up with this we must focus on aerobic fitness like doing HIIT will be beneficial, it strengthens the heart, improves circulation and breathing, makes the lungs strong.

  • Strength training
  • Walking for a long duration on a steep slope with a backpack requires a good level of strength, strength training will make your muscles and joints strong and will improve your posture.

    You should start working out at least 3 months before trekking along with a healthy diet and a healthy sleeping pattern.

Written by Shivani on 02-Jan-2020