10 Amazing Treks To Do In Spring Season In India

10 Amazing Treks To Do In Spring Season In India

Written by Jyoti on 25-Mar-2021

Spring is the season of new beginnings and a perfect opportunity to spend time with nature as everything is exhilarating and worth looking around. Therefore, we invite you on a journey that makes you fall for nature a little more.

Spring treks in India are a fair chance to spend some quality time with nature and yourself as it won’t be freezing like winters and scorching hot like in summers. Every little detail would be colorful and picture-perfect. Crisp mountains, breezy and flowing rivers, and an unlimited supply of fresh air making every day delightful.

The season starts in march lasts till May. The season when the pink flowers bloom, new leaves arrive and earth seems to come to life again.

Spring is undoubtedly the season when you don’t want to miss treks, as it is the season when the aesthetics game is on point and the view is enchanting.

Here are a few treks that are worth trying this spring season.

1. Har ki Dun Maninda Taal Trek

har ki dun trek

Situated in the western periphery of Garhwal, in the Uttarkashi district, Har ki Dun is full of scenic beauty and charismatic meadows. One of the reasons to explore this beautiful place because of its affability to trek both in summers as well as winters. The kind of wildlife and fascinating views will never make you go back home.

The cherry on top is the temple based in Osla devoted to Duryodhana, about 13 km away Sankri lies in the steep mountain trail to Har ki Dun. Also known to be the oldest treks in the Himalayas, the “Valley of Gods”, many people believe the route of the trek was taken as a pathway to heaven by the Pandavas.

The trek is nothing but a wonderland that leaves you stupified because of its beauty.

2. Kedarkantha Trek

kedarkantha trek

Treks in the spring season and KedarKantha trek go hand in hand. Tall and crisp mountains, and a stunning view of the Himalayan peaks, a perfect opportunity to fill your cameras with some breathtaking pictures. One of the most popular treks in Uttrakhand, situated at a height of 3800km from the ground, in the Uttarkashi district of Uttrakhand. Kedarkantha is the type of trek which is easy to climb and leaves you awestruck with its mesmerizing Himalayan skyline.

One of the best things about this trek is to be able to witness snow-covered mountains from the dense pine tree forests. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is a complete package to make you feel overwhelmed and you will only appreciate nature a little more.

3. Nag Tibba Trek

trail to nag tibba

Nag Tibba is also known as the serpent’s peak and is also believed to be the abode of the “God of Snakes”. Nag Tibba is the highest peak in the lower Himalayan region, located at a height of 3,022 meters. Located 57 km away from Mussoorie in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. Its pleasant weather and exotic views make it an experience of a lifetime of trekking in India. It serves to be a perfect opportunity for beginners and one can trek with families.

Covered under the canopy of oaks and rhododendrons and during the spring treks, you will be welcomed with blossoms and greenery all around.

From the highest point, one can recognize, Bandarpoonch, Kedarnath, Chanabang, and all the crisp mountain peaks around.

4. Chopta- Chandrashilla Trek

chandrashilla peak

Chopta- Chandrashilla trek is one of the best spring treks in India. Situated at an altitude of 13,100ft from the ground. Full of wildlife and pink and red rhododendrons blooming everywhere. Trekking in the spring season is a treat to the eyes. An ideal time to visit the Tugnath temple and witness sunrise at the Chandrashilla peak. Once you reach the highest point, you spot how everything sparkles when the sunlight touches the ground, everything is below and big mountains accompanying you.

After this trek one will surely come out as a nature lover or a birder. The trek is highly rich in flora and fauna and opens up to a gallery of beautiful snowy peaks all the way.

5. Brahmatal Trek

brahmatal trek

The type of trek that makes you feel alive again, everything around so natural and pure makes it surreal. The Brahmatal is nested about 22,000 ft in the middle of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Brahmatal trek is outright perfect for this spring season. Appealing meadows and lakes make everything like a painting. Brahmatal trek is one of the best treks that counts into the experience of a lifetime.

Brahmatal Trek in post winter witnesses fower beds while trekking as well as snow and you will get to experience both at the same time. The Brahmatal has nested about 22,000 ft in the middle of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand.

6. Pangarchulla Trek

pangarchulla peak trek

Pangarchulla trek can be categorized under one of the difficult but high on adventure treks in India. Located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Situated in Nanda Devi National Park. Just when you reach the high, the view makes it exceptional. Pangarchulla trek is one of a kind, where you feel a sense of accomplishment, the hustle gets real but in the end, everything seems to be worth it. The final flourish to this beautiful experience is the colorful forest that you get to witness this spring season.

The best season for trekking Pangarchulla is April and mostly the spring season of the year. This is the perfect chance for you to stir the adventurer inside you.

7. Dayara Bugyal Trek

dayara bugyal

Dayara Bugyal trek is a perfect plan for you to explore this spring season. Dense green meadow and beautiful mountains on the trail makes it a perfect outing during spring season. Based at an elevation of 3048 meters, the trek serves to be a perfect outing for beginners. Seeing these mountains just popping out of the meadows of Dayara is the reason why anyone must do this trek. Located in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand, it’s the Dayara hills that make the trek to another level.

8. Kuari Pass Trek

kuari pass trek

Kuari pass Trek is one of the most beautiful treks in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand. Starting from Joshimath situated in Chamoli district in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand at an altitude of 12,763 ft. The region was discovered by Lord Curzon and also known as the Curzon trail.

The beautiful trail takes you through mesmerizing Himalayan meadow also knows as, ‘Bugyals’ by the natives. The trek is also filled with beautiful Oak and deodar trees. Rhododendron trees, which bear flowers of a fiery red color, are also found in abundance in these mountains. The are also seem to sustain animals like leopards, tigers, and Himalayan bears. The trek also tends to have Pancha Prayag- Devprayag, Karnaprayag, Devprayag, and Rudraprayag, where rivers like the Pinder, Kaliganga, Nandakini, Birehiganga & Dhauli Ganga converge.

9. Sandakphu Trek

sandakphu trek

Sandakphu trek is one of the most beautiful and wholesome treks to be ticked this spring season. Sandakphu is the highest point of West Bengal known for the prevailing attractions located like, Singalila ridge which forms the bridge between Sikkim/Darjeeling of India and Nepal. This is the reason the trek is also called the Singalila Ridge trek. The view of the Nepal Himalayas including Kanchendzongha range, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse, Jannu (Kumbhakarna), Chamlang, Baruntse and a host of Sikkim peaks are treat to the eyes and the peaks also configure to the shape of ‘Sleeping Budhha’.

The trek also serves to be the home of numerous species of birds and flowers. This region is in the Eastern Himalayan hot spot and also shelters the endangered Red Panda. The blooming of rhododendrons and magnolia turns the forest red, pink, and white during the spring time and the trekking experience spell bounded.

10. Goechala Trek

goechala trek

Goechala trek is the golden opportunity for you to experience the spirit of Sikkim. Goechala takes to the beautiful scenic beauty of Kanchenjunga. Standing at an altitude of 15,100ft, the Goechala trek gives you many reasons to get in awe of nature, the tear-shaped Goecha lake, snow-covered beautiful white Himalayas, the amazing view of sixteen beautiful peaks visible from Dzongri top, fascinating meadows, and the dazzling Himalayan forest.

The trek takes you through the serene beauty of Sikkim and the Himalayas. The region through which the Goechala trek is designed is designated as Kanchenjunga National Park. Goechala Trek, is one that experiences maximum popularity, since its promises splendid scenic extravaganza and thrilling adventurous hike that can leave the heart pumping, but filled with pleasure.

Written by Jyoti on 25-Mar-2021